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Darla Moore School of Business

Ph.D. Students on the Job Market

This is a current list of Ph.D. students who are searching for jobs. Details include their research interests, dissertation topics and vitas.

Sina Aghale

Paul W. Black, Accounting Department

Research Interests: Management accounting; emerging management practices and technology change; control systems; measurement; incentives; behavioral/experimental research; financial accounting

Dissertation: "Harnessing the motivational power of peer-to-peer recognition: The roles of group affiliation and tangible rewards"

moonwon chung

Sarah A. Judge, Accounting Department

Research Interests: Judgment and decision making related to auditing and financial reporting.

Dissertation: "The Effect of Audit Procedure Extent and Precision on Auditors' Skeptical Judgments and Actions"

patrick flynn

Jason Kautz, Management Department

Research Interests: Interpersonal Social Dynamics, Interpersonal Team Dynamics, Applied Statistical Models (multilevel, longitudinal), Trust, Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors

Dissertation: "Stick and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Words Will Hurt Your Reputation: The Witness Model of Social Undermining

Has Accepted a Position:  Naveen Jindal School of Management, University of Dallas

Xing Liu

Xing Liu, Management Department

Research Interests:  Group diversity and fault lines; trust and justice in organizations

Dissertation:  "The Real Effect of Accounting Discretion: The Impact of Accounting Reserves on Managerial Risk-Taking in Capital Investment Decisions"

Has Accepted a Position: Mike Ilitch School of Business, Wayne State University

jonathan hendricks

Justin Taylor Kistler, Management Science Department

Research Interests: Healthcare Operations and Policy; Service Operations; Process Improvement

Dissertation: "Operational Drivers of Hospital and Physician Adaptation to Industry Change"

Sotires "Sotos" Pagiavlas, Marketing Department

Research Interests: Consumer responses to product and service failures, government interventions and regulations, product recalls, user-generated content, online communities, social media, the digitization of “offline” processes

Dissertation: "Two Essays Examining Consumer Responses to Product and Service Failures"

Personal website:

Has Accepted a Position:  Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University

Ethan LaMothe

Zhihao "Terry" Zhang, Management Science Department

Research Interests: Sustainable Operations, Supply Chain Management, Retail Operations, Operations and  Marketing Interface

Dissertation: "Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Food Industry"

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