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Accelerated Program

Combine your undergraduate and graduate accounting degrees to save time and money.

MACC Accelerated Program

The Accelerated program allows high-achieving UofSC-Columbia students to complete their undergraduate accounting and MACC degrees in as few as four years.

Accelerated is available to undergraduate accounting majors and other majors completing the accounting cognate. It allows you to “double count” up to four classes for undergraduate and graduate credit. "Double counting" these classes allows you to:

  • Waive the MACC GMAT requirement
  • Finish the MACC program in less time
  • Save up to $6,336 in tuition
  • Use your undergraduate scholarships to pay for up to 40 percent of your MACC degree
  • Meet CPA license education requirements and earn a graduate degree in the same amount of time it takes to double major
  • Enjoy a reduced schedule in the MACC program, which will allow you to complete the CPA Exam by graduation


Students meeting ALL of the following requirements are eligible to apply for the Accelerated program. You are eligible if you:

  • Are a current UofSC-Columbia student
  • Have completed at least 90 credit hours
  • Have completed at least three upper-level accounting courses (400-level and up)
  • Have earned a minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA
  • Have earned a minimum 3.25 upper-level accounting GPA*

*Upper-level accounting GPA cannot include more than two grades below a B.

Steps to Accelerate

Follow these steps to participate in the Accelerated program:

  1. Meet the program eligibility requirements listed above.
  2. Apply to the MACC program.
  3. Confirm your MACC enrollment.
  4. Submit the appropriate Accelerated paperwork at the beginning of the term in which you are taking classes you want to "double count." 

Please note that you must be admitted to the MACC program and confirm your enrollment before you can "double count" classes. You CANNOT apply to "double count" courses in a semester that has already begun. 

 Accelerated Program Details

Applying to the Accelerated program is the same as applying to the MACC program. You will complete the online MACC application and include the following required application elements:

  • Current resume

  • Statement of purpose (essay)

  • Two letters of recommendation

Once we verify that you qualify for Accelerated, you will receive a waiver of the GMAT requirement and an invitation to schedule your admission interview.

Please review our Accelerated program brochure for more information on the application process. Remember, you cannot "double count" courses until you have applied and been admitted to the MACC program.

The Accelerated program has a defined application window that begins when you meet the eligibility requirements and ends when you begin taking classes that you can "double count." You may apply as soon as you meet the eligibility requirements, but you must apply in the semester before you want to "double count" classes. There will be required paperwork that needs to be submitted to the Graduate School before classes begin. This paperwork cannot be submitted retroactively.

Please note that some students will not qualify for the Accelerated program until after fall grades post, even if they are planning on "double counting" classes in the spring semester. In this situation, you need to submit your application by the last fall application deadline. Once your fall grades post, we will review your grades to determine your eligibility for the program and GMAT waiver and schedule your admissions interview. 

Please review our Accelerated program brochure for more information on application deadlines.

You must confirm your enrollment in the MACC program before you can "double count" classes. Confirmation includes paying the board-mandated seat deposit. The non-refundable deposit is applied toward your first semester tuition as a full-time MACC student.


Accelerated Quick Facts/Common Questions

Applicants meeting the eligibility requirements for the Accelerated program will receive a waiver of the GMAT admissions requirement. Please note that the waiver cannot be provided until you meet ALL of the eligibility requirements.

You are encouraged to use the Course Planning Worksheets to map out your undergraduate and MACC degrees via Accelerated. After completing these forms, please schedule a meeting with the MACC team to review your plan.

Accelerated classes that "double count" must be at the 500 level. Classes at the 500 level can count toward both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. All accounting majors are required to take two 500-level ACCT classes for their degree, so these classes are typically the minimum classes people "double count."

As an Accelerated student, you will also have the opportunity to take 700-level graduate courses. These courses will not specifically count toward your undergraduate degree, but you are able to use undergraduate scholarships to pay for these classes, and taking them early can reduce the amount of time needed to complete both degrees.

The university classifies students as either undergraduate or graduate students, but not both. As such, Accelerated students are undergraduate students until they complete their undergraduate degree.

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