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Darla Moore School of Business

    Engage with the Moore School

    Mentor a Student

    The Moore School Mentor Program provides a valuable opportunity for students to explore and develop their academic and professional goals through the practical insight, coaching and experiences of business professionals.

    The Mentor Program at the Darla Moore School of Business was established to provide students with opportunities to define their academic and professional goals, develop career skills and define their personal competencies through guidance from Moore School alumni and business professionals. The program provides a unique opportunity for both student and alumni to be engaged at the Moore School.

    • Alumnus/alumna or friend of the Darla Moore School of Business
    • Willingness to help a Moore School undergraduate or graduate student with career and professional development
    • Make a positive impact in the life of a Moore School student by assisting an emerging professional to develop his/her potential.
    • Be exposed to new ideas, communication skills and networking opportunities.
    • Improve personal coaching, leadership, teaching and counseling skills.
    • Demonstrate commitment to personal and professional development of others.
    • Stay connected with the Moore School and its community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Moore School students are willing and eager to learn from your professional and personal experiences. The school wants to ensure that students are prepared in every aspect possible upon graduation and entering the workforce. With your wisdom and guidance, you can positively impact the life of a current student to make sure they get the most out of their academic experience. The mentorship can provide lasting relationships that will continue to grow and evolve far beyond graduation.

    The Program is designed to engage alumni volunteers of all backgrounds and experience levels. You will be paired for the full academic year (September to April) with the mentee(s) you have accepted, or you may have a one-time mentorship connection with a student. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to connect on a regular basis (i.e. once a month via phone call, email or Skype conversation). However, the frequency and form of communication are things you both can determine. Throughout the year you will be provided with tips on effective mentorship techniques, topics to discuss with your student and suggested activities to connect. 

    Once you join Moore Connect and indicate your willingness to serve as a mentor (, you’ll be a part of the exclusive, online mentoring community. Starting in September, Moore School students will have a chance to join and review mentor profiles to find a mentor who fits their interests and career goals. Once a student finds their ideal mentor, the student will send a direct message to the requesting mentorship and describing their interest in the relationship. From there, mentors will review mentorship request(s) and approve student(s) accordingly.

    If you receive multiple requests, you will be able to review each student’s request and profile before responding to accept or decline. Mentors are encouraged to accept as many mentees as they feel fit to mentor, but do have the option to decline a student if you simply don’t have time or think it’s the wrong fit. We recommend you mentor one to two students throughout the year. Most volunteers choose to mentor one student.

    Once you have accepted all of the mentees you are able to mentor, you may update your profile to change your availability. Within your profile, you can unselect the “Willing to be a mentor” box. You can do so by clicking on the “Me” tab on the top menu bar, then click “Update my profile,” and uncheck “Willing to be a mentor.” This will signal that you are no longer available for mentorship and thus no longer accepting requests.

    Mentors are welcome to continue mentoring their mentee(s) as long as they are willing and able.

    Join Moore Connect, Complete/Update your profile to include professional, academic, and volunteer experience. Under the “Willing to help” section, check “Willing to be a mentor”, then “Willing to mentor a student.” Under the “About Me” section, answer the following: “Why do you want to mentor a current student? What do you hope to offer as a mentor?” Make sure to click “Update” for each section. Await student mentor request(s).

    Mentors are encouraged to complete their profile by including all relevant professional, academic, and volunteer experience. In addition, you can enhance your profile by providing answers to the questions: “Why do you want to mentor a current student?” and “What do you hope to offer as a mentor?” This will provide students with the best information to determine that you are the best match for mentorship. Staff can also assist you with finding a mentee match, if needed.  


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