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Darla Moore School of Business

Hire Our Students

Our students and alumni have been internationally recognized for their skill sets and innovative solutions to today's global business challenges. We look forward to providing your organization with access to our uniquely talented students and alumni.

Hire Our Students and Graduates

The nature of university recruiting has changed dramatically in recent years. We recognize and understand the challenges you face in recruiting top talent with fewer resources. Whether you are searching for undergraduates or graduate students, interns or alumni, we hope you will choose the Moore School.

At the Moore School, we are committed to meeting your talent needs — we've developed a range of recruiting options to satisfy your recruiting budget and schedule. Review more information about on-campus recruiting and online recruiting options, as well as career fairs and other employer events designed to help you connect with our students on campus.

If you're interested in recruiting students at the Moore School, contact the Office of Career Management at

Visit and click on “Sign Up for an Account.”

Select “Employer” as your account type.

Complete the requested fields to “Sign up as an Employer,” then check the box agreeing to the “Terms of Service” and acknowledge that you have read the “Privacy Policy.” Once this is complete, click the “Submit” button to continue.

In the next window, please indicate if you are a third party recruiter (i.e., you will be posting on behalf of another company) and agree to the terms and conditions.

Once you have submitted your application, you will be redirected to a confirmation page (you can close this page if you chose). You will need to click on a link contained in a confirmation email that you should receive within five to ten minutes.

Once you have clicked on the confirmation link from the email, you will have confirmed your account and can view the introduction to the Handshake guide.

You now need to connect with the University of South Carolina and any other schools that interest you. Once you locate UofSC, click “Request to Connect.”

After you have requested the connection, the main university Career Center will need to approve your request. If you have not received approval within 48 hours, you should contact the UofSC Career Center at 803-777-7280 or

When your account has been confirmed, you will need to connect it to your employer’s account. Click on “Find Your Company” and search for your company. Once you find your company, select “Join Company.” If your company has auto approval, you will be joined. If not, you will be placed in pending status until your company approves your account.

Log in to your Handshake account.

Click on “Job Postings” on the left side, and then “New Job” in the upper right corner.

Complete the fields to create a new job.

You can distribute the job posting to one or more universities where you wish to recruit by using the "Schools" tab. Select "University of South Carolina" in the options to post the job for UofSC students and alumni.

All jobs will need to be approved by the Career Center before they can be seen by students.

For a job posting walk-through in Handshake, we recommend viewing their video and guide to posting jobs.

Log in to your Handshake account.

Click “Students” on the left side navigation bar.

On the left side the of the screen, select the criteria (Major, Skills, Student Organizations, School Year, Keywords) for your search.

If you are interested in downloading student resumes:

  • Click “Bulk Actions on Checked Items” in the upper right corner.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click “Download Public Resumes: PDF” or “Download Public Resumes: Zip” depending upon your preference.
  • A window will pop up. Click “Confirm” to proceed with the download.
  • A window will appear when your results are ready. Click the link to view your results.

Log in to your Handshake account.

Click “Interviews” in the left navigation menu. Click “Request Interview Schedule” in the upper right corner. Fill out the basic sections of the form.

Complete the fields to request an interview schedule.

Be sure to complete the “Basics,” “Qualifications,” “Timeline,” and “Review” sections by clicking “Next” until you have completed each section. Once you are finished, click on “Request.”

Under the “Qualifications” section, you may create or select the job to associate with the interview schedule.

For an interview posting walk-through in Handshake, we recommend viewing their online interview setup guide.

Log in to your Handshake account.

Go to the menu on the left side of the screen and select "Events."

In the upper right side of the screen, click the "Request an Event" tab.

From the drop down menu, select type of event (note: do not select "Employer Off-site," even if your event is off-site).

Select "Info Session" as your event type. Do not select virtual. Choosing virtual as your event type means that Moore School staff cannot assist you with editing your event (if needed).

When you name your event, please add DMSB Virtual (i.e. DMSB Virtual XYZ Co. Info Session) so that our staff knows to approve it as a business school related event.

Complete the fields and submit your request.

Log in to your Handshake account.

Go to the menu on the left side of the screen and select "Events" and/or "Fairs."

The Event/Fair list will appear.

Scroll through the events and/or fairs and select which event/fair you would like to attend.

Open event, review description and all pertinent information.

Click "Join Event."

If you plan on attending the Oct. 27 Business EXPO, you'll also need to register for the event in CareerEco.

All recruiting activities are managed through our online recruiting system, Handshake. Interviewing provides a traditional method for employers to visit campus personally to meet preselected candidates using the following steps and ideal timeline:

  • Four weeks prior to interview dates, students view your job description(s) on Handshake.
  • Three weeks prior, resumes of students who have applied for your position(s) are sent to you via email.
  • Two weeks prior, you select candidates you wish to interview and students sign up for time slots.  
  • Telephone and video conference (virtual) interviews are available.

Schedule your interviews through Handshake.

If you have questions about your Handshake account, you can reach the UofSC Career Center at 803-777-7280 or at

If you have questions or need more assistance directly related to Darla Moore School of Business events or students, you can reach the Moore School's Office of Career Management at 803-777-0149 or at

The policies below have been developed to provide a fair recruiting process for all students, employers, and University of South Carolina (UofSC) personnel. See exceptions for international recruiters and students abroad. You can view the Moore School recruiting policies below, or by downloading them. You can also review UofSC recruiting policies.

Invitations to Interview

Employers may extend invitations to interview Darla Moore School of Business students who have applied for job opportunities on their own websites or posted in Handshake, or who have completed an internship within the employer’s organization. Employers will follow on-campus interview procedures as outlined in Handshake, and are requested to provide at least 48 hours advance notice to students and our office prior to in-person or remote interviews (including interviews by phone).

Interview Eligibility and Location

Only current Moore School students who are eligible to use the Handshake job posting system may be interviewed in our facility. Undergraduate and graduate students attending the Moore School may not be interviewed outside of a UofSC facility unless the interview is an official, employment-specific additional round interview conducted on-site at an Employer’s facility or at a pre-arranged location with prior notification to, and agreement with, DMSB’s Office of Career Management (OCM). Most interviews will be at the Moore School itself, but due to space constraints on certain days, interviews may also be held at the UofSC Career Center in the Thomas Cooper Library, or at other locations to be communicated in advance. Interviews associated with any Business EXPO event will be hosted at the event venue for a nominal fee.

  • Alternates
    We recommend that you select several alternate invitations for each interview schedule. If your preselected candidates do not accept your invitation to interview, cannot make a time due to academic conflicts or if they drop out due to other conflicts, their slots can be filled by the alternates you have selected.
Canceling an Interview Schedule

Your interview schedule will be available after the final day that students are allowed to select an interview slot in Handshake. Since schedules are subject to last-minute changes, interviewers should refer to the final schedule in Handshake and bring a copy for their use while on campus. If you must cancel an interview schedule after students have accepted your invitation to interview, please notify your contact within the UofSC’s Main Career Center (803-777-7280) and contact the students on your schedule directly, by email and/or telephone.

Second-Round Interviews

On a space-available basis, we may be able to accommodate your second-round interviews on campus. Contact the UofSC Career Center to schedule the date and number of rooms needed. It is the employer’s responsibility to invite students and manage the schedule for second or final-round interviews conducted off-campus. To avoid potential time conflicts, please provide information regarding your second-round process so students can plan accordingly.

If you are hosting second or third-round interviews at another location, please inform the students of the dates and the locations as soon as that information is confirmed. We strongly recommend that you provide at least one alternate date for students.

Class Attendance

It is highly recommended that students not miss class or other academic commitments due to interviews, recruiting events or travel related to those events. Employers cannot require a student to interview at a time that conflicts with his or her individual academic schedule as a condition of his or her employment candidacy.

The OCM highly recommends that employers schedule interviews, recruiting events or travel related to those events outside of mid-term and final exam periods. Click here to access the academic calendar.


Typically, employers will reimburse students for travel-related expenses for second and final-round interviews. Students will be advised to discuss interview travel reimbursement with each individual Employer.

Work Authorization

When companies recruit on-site or create a job posting in Handshake, postings will allow any student currently enrolled on the UofSC Columbia campus to apply. The posting should include information in the position description regarding all applicable qualifications including work authorization requirements, to ensure that students understand any constraints that may be placed on positions. The Moore School has a significant number of international students and if work authorization requirements are not specified, interview schedules will be available to both domestic and international students.

Inclement Weather Policy

If the University of South Carolina activates the inclement weather policy, classes may be delayed or cancelled, which will impact the day’s interview schedules. If UofSC closes, there will be no on-campus interviews or other recruiting events due to safety reasons. If the University closes, we will assist in making alternate arrangements, such as rescheduling interviews or setting up phone or virtual interviews at the same scheduled time and date.

If a student is unable to travel to the interview site due to weather conditions, we ask that companies be willing to make alternate arrangements for that student, such as an alternate time or virtual interview by phone or Skype.

If your recruiters are traveling and find that they are unable to get to campus, please call the Moore School' OCM (803-777-0149) and the UofSC’s Main Career Center (803-777-7280) as soon as possible. We will help reschedule your interviews and communicate changes to the students on the interview schedule.


Making an offer to a student represents a significant commitment by the employer and the student. To balance the needs of students and recruiters, the following guidelines are in place for offers to all students.

  • Offer Consideration Time
    So that students may make a fully informed and comprehensive decision, employers are encouraged to give students a reasonable period of time to consider both full-time and internship offers. That generally means until Oct. 31 or four weeks from the offer, whichever is later, unless an alternative time frame is agreed upon by both parties. The beginning of the offer period coincides with the date of the written offer. Suggested timelines do not preclude longer periods for considering an offer. It is important that both the employer and student keep an open line of communication throughout the interview and job offer process. We request that companies inform students of their status within two weeks following interviews, when possible, even if no final decisions has been made regarding the position. We also ask that you provide an update to your primary contact at the Moore School regarding all extended offer information.
  • Exploding Offers
    An “exploding offer” is defined as giving a candidate an unreasonably short time to accept an offer before the offer is revoked. Issuing an exploding offer is prohibited (see previous paragraph for the Moore School policy on offer timing). If an employer believes a student is taking an unreasonably long time to respond to an offer, please contact the Moore School's OCM (803-777-0149) so the issue can be addressed with the student.
  • Withdrawing an Offer
    If an employer must withdraw an offer, the employer should immediately contact the Moore School's Director of the Office of Career Management, Georgia Holmes Doran This is a serious matter that can significantly harm an employer’s reputation and its subsequent ability to recruit students.
  • Similarly, if a student reneges after accepting a written offer of employment, the employer should notify the director of the OCM who will thoroughly review the situation and take appropriate action within UofSC and Moore School guidelines. The Moore School considers reneging on an accepted offer to be unethical behavior. To contact the Moore School's OCM on such a matter, please telephone during normal business hours (803) 777-0149.
Exceptions to Recruiting Guidelines for International Recruiters

Due to constraints of travel, budget, time zones and other factors, companies based outside the United States may interview and make offers to students outside of our regular recruiting calendar and locations, provided that the “spirit” of these recruiting policies is respected.

Failing to Follow Moore School Recruiting Guidelines

In an effort to balance the needs of students and recruiters, the Moore School has established a full disclosure policy with respect to adverse actions taken by employers, for example, withdrawing an accepted offer or extending an exploding offer. Our objective is to provide information that may be relevant to students when they are planning their search activities and making employment decisions. However, the Moore School has decided against any sanctions, recognizing that penalizing employers would reduce potentially valuable employment opportunities for current and future students and might impact alumni who are employed by these firms.

This is consistent with Moore School efforts to support our students in the job search process. When students are informed that a firm did not honor Moore School recruiting guidelines, students can take that information and incorporate it into their decision-making process.

When informed about adverse recruiting actions, the Moore School will communicate with the employer about a student’s report of adverse actions, assess facts from both perspectives, and attempt to resolve open issues when possible. When adverse actions are reported by students, the Moore School tries to work with employers and students to reach a mutually satisfactory solution. We ask that companies who plan to take an adverse action first inform the Moore School in order to minimize consequences for our students. Having an open conversation about such actions has served to maintain goodwill among all parties. Furthermore, we request that employers notify the Moore School if they learn that a student may have accepted more than one job offer, or who is continuing to search for a position after accepting a written offer. Such student behavior is unethical and violates UofSC’s Student Code of Conduct.

Grade Disclosure

If you require student transcripts, please notify the student in advance, so he or she can authorize a release by the University registrar of an official transcript, or provide you with an unofficial transcript. The University of South Carolina cannot disclose grades or other student information in consideration of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


The University of South Carolina makes its facilities and services available only to employers who do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, marital status, age, national origin, military service or disability. Any employer who makes use of University services to interview students agrees to meet in good faith with any student who has been scheduled for an interview and who meets the employer’s legitimate employment qualifications for the posted position.

  • Policy on Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment
    The University of South Carolina is committed to providing a working and learning environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. Consistent with this commitment and with applicable federal, state and local laws, it is the policy of UofSC, as both an educational institution and an employer, to prohibit unlawful discrimination and harassment and to provide students, faculty and staff who believe that they may be the victims of either with mechanisms for seeking redress. We recommend that all students, alumni, vendors and employers who are engaged in activities with the Moore School, review all UofSC official policies.

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