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Darla Moore School of Business


Friends of Accounting

Welcome to Friends of Accounting (FAD). We are friends of the School of Accounting who are interested in supporting its further development. Specifially, we focus on building stronger relationships among three key constituencies: the alumni/business community, the faculty and the students.

The general objectives of FAD are to assist in advancing the quality of accounting programs at the University of South Carolina and to enhance communication and interaction among faculty, students, alumni and friends of the School of Accounting in order to establish and nurture mutually beneficial relationships.

The FAD organizational charter and constitution [pdf] provides detailed information about our goals and structure.

Membership is open to any person who supports the objectives of FAD. All degree recipients of the Darla Moore School of Business whose degrees include majors, specializations or fields in accounting are considered to be passive members of FAD by virtue of this standing. Any person can elect to become an active member by directly participating in the activities conducted by FAD.

FAD Committees

Nominating and Internal Affairs Committee

2018-2019 Chair: David Goldberg
Warren Felkel, Joy Middleton, John Norman, and Brad Hocking

Appointed by the chairperson with the approval of the Board of Directors, the Nominating and Internal Affairs Committee shall submit its report for nominations of officers and members of the Board of Directors prior to voting on the slate of officers and directors at the last board meeting of each academic year. This committee is also responsible for drafting proposed changes to the constitution of FAD.

Student Development Committee

2018-2019 Chair: Joy MIddleton
Adam Hardesty, JP Pfeifer, Ray Brown, Hazel Brazell, Meagan Ignatowicz and Blair Salmon

The Student Development Committee is appointed by the chairperson to assist in attracting top students to the School of Accounting, providing opportunities for students to interact with FAD members, advising the School of Accounting in curriculum matters and developing and administrating the Putnam and other scholarship funds.

Faculty Development Committee

2018-2019 Chair: John Norman
Jimmy Sfiris, Andy Finley, Sean Nelson, Brittany McDowell, Tim Alford and Bryant Potter

The Faculty Development Committee is appointed by the chairperson to assist in attracting and retaining top faculty to the School of Accounting and in developing, promoting and implementing opportunities for practitioners to help meet the teaching needs of the school.

Member Relations Committee

2018-2019 Chair: Brad Hocking
Andrea Tucker, Sharon Ray, Katy Pletcher, Chris Nicholson, Andy Farmer and Will Clarke

The Member Relations Committee is appointed by the chairperson to conduct FAD member relations events, provide communications to the members and promote active membership in the organization. The committee shall produce a newsletter at least annually to all members of FAD. The Member Relations Committee implements programs and activities to encourage active membership in FAD, including member contributions.

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