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Darla Moore School of Business

  • Visiting Fellow, Natalia Weisz, speaking in the Moore School courtyard


    Sonoco Visiting Fellows

Sonoco Visiting Fellows Program in International Business

The Sonoco Visiting Fellows Program brings together widely recognized, world-class senior scholars and practitioners for their expertise in international business into a worldwide network of thought leaders at the intersection of academia, business and public policy. The program offers Fellows the opportunity to collaborate and engage with professors and researchers from the Darla Moore School of Business as well as the community of stakeholders and partners associated with the Folks Center for International Business and the Sonoco International Business Department. 

Sonoco Visiting Fellows participate in a wide array of activities during their visits at the Moore School including the following:

  • Engage with international business groups within the university and across the state of South Carolina.
  • Collaborate with faculty on research initiatives.
  • Present topics of expertise to Moore School students and faculty/staff through seminars, guest lectures and the Folks Center Pathways Speaker Series.


Christina Ahmadjian headshot

Christina Ahmadjian

Professor and Japanese corporate board member

Christina Ahmadjian is the former dean of Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy. She sits on boards of major Japanese firms such as Asahi and Mitsubishi.

Christina shared her experiences navigating Japanese business and academia. She also met with business groups such as the South Carolina Department of Commerce and the Japan-America Association of South Carolina.

Learn more about Christina.

Aldo Musacchio headshot

Aldo Musacchio

Professor, Brandeis International Business School

Aldo Musacchio is a professor in international business who focuses on green energy transition and state-owned enterprises.

Aldo shared his expertise through hosting an international business seminar on greenwashing.

Learn more about Aldo. 

Mohammed Omran headshot

Mohammed Omran

Professor, Arab Academy for Science and Technology
Alexandria, Egypt

Mohammed Omran is former board chair of the Financial Regulatory Authority in Egypt and also of the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Mohammed shared his experience as a financial regulator. He met with external groups connected to efforts in Egypt and conducted research related to board gender diversity in Egypt. He also participated in the Folks Center Pathways Speaker Series. 

Learn more about Mohammed.

FALL 2022

Ariel Casarin headshot

Ariel Casarin

Associate Professor, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Ariel Casarin is an associate professor in strategy and non-market strategy.

Ariel taught a Business in Latin America course to undergraduate International Business students during Fall 2022.

Learn more about Ariel.

Douglas Cumming headshot

Douglas Cumming

DeSantis Distinguished Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Douglas is a professor of finance and entrepreneurship. His research focuses on crowdfunding, FinTech, venture capital, private equity and hedge funds. He is widely recognized for his work on international banking, corporate governance and sovereign wealth funds.

Douglas shared his knowledge with professors and P.hD. students at the Moore School.

Read more about Douglas.

Jacob Dijsktra headshot

Jacob Dijsktra

Associate Professor, University of Groningen

Jacob Dijsktra is an associate professor of sociology and director of studies for bachelor and master of arts programs in sociology.

Jacob shared his insights on game theory with the Moore School community. He wrote a perspectives piece for the Folks Center for International Business’ newsletter.

Learn more about Jacob.

Grazia Santangelo headshot

Grazia Santangelo

Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Grazia Santangelo is a professor of strategic and international management.

Grazia collaborated with assistant professor Joao Albino-Pimentel on a research project surrounding geopolitics and corporate strategy.

Learn more about Grazia.

Nicole Wong headshot

Nicole Wong

CEO and Founder, WG Consulting

Nicole Wong is a lawyer specializing in diplomacy and foreign policy affairs. She is former director general of foreign policy in Panama. She led trade negotiations with China for the government of Panama.

Nicole shared her trade and diplomacy expertise with students, faculty and business groups. She also participated in the Folks Center Pathways Speaker Series and wrote a perspectives piece for the Folks Center for International Business’ newsletter.

Learn more about Nicole.

Depending on the proposed project and area of interest, the on-campus residency of the Sonoco Visiting Fellow is expected to last anywhere from a minimum of two weeks to three months (full semester). Fellows can complete their visits during a single period or break them up into multiple periods (ideally no less than one week for each period).

A residency can include presenting an academic seminar, meeting with groups of students, offering guest lectures or courses, as well as participating in a forum for the broader Moore School community.  Fellows would be expected to collaborate with relevant professors and students in such activities as developing a research project, course content, executive program or seminar/conference. Both theoretical and applied projects are welcomed.

A competitive honorarium is associated with the Fellowship. The Folks Center, in collaboration with the International Business Department, will facilitate the use of University of South Carolina research resources, an office and administrative support. 

Interested individuals who would like to be considered for the Fellowship should submit the following documents via email.

  • A project proposal, indicating expected activities and output, period(s) of residency, and specific academic staff with whom the applicant would like to collaborate.
    1. Proposals should be approximately 500-1000 words.
    2. Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate innovative approaches to key problems in International Business (broadly defined) and overlap with the vision, mission and initiatives of the Folks Center
    3. Priority also will be given to individuals that have demonstrated important contributions to their field of research or practice.
  • A detailed CV.
  • A brief cover letter indicating how the applicant would benefit from an association with the Folks Center and the International Business Department and how the project would fit with the mission of the center.

All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Roberto Vassolo and Natalia Weisz standing in Moore School courtyard

2021-22 Visiting Fellows Roberto Vassolo and Natalia Weisz

Innovative insights on leadership challenges in a turbulent world  For the fall 2021 semester, the Moore School's Sonoco International Business Department invited Vassolo and Weisz to teach the Global Strategic Management course based on their research and new book.  

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