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Darla Moore School of Business


Our Research

The Economics Department has a distinguished faculty with research interests covering a wide range of topics, including social welfare programs’ impact on children’s education; economic consequences of national disasters; childcare’s impact on family finances and stability; and emergency room wait times as they correlate to the overall cost of health care. 

The internationally trained scholars have earned degrees from respected institutions including Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, London School of Economics and Political Science, Stanford, Georgetown, Stockholm School of Economics, Duke University and University of California, San Diego.

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Research in the News

Natural Disasters Have Long-Lasting Impact on Financial Well-Being
An examination of 28 natural disasters between 1990-2016 revealed how borrowing at 100 large U.S. banks was limited after the disaster occurred. Each disaster studied caused more than $1 billion in damages.

The Impact of U.S. Stimulus Relief Packages
Government support during the pandemic might have raised the bar in terms of what the electorate expects in terms of social welfare policy.

Moore School Associate Professor Focuses on Volvo’s Public Offering
Tamara Sheldon has published a number of scholarly articles addressing governmental subsidies to fund electric vehicles. The high-cost transition to EV production will require investments in technology, manufacturing and workforce development along with new marketing strategies. 

Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Impacts LGBT Hate Crimes
A team’s research found that a same-sex marriage legalization announcement leads to a reduction in the LGBT hate-crime rate of 0.1 per 100,000 people.

Small Businesses Struggle with Pandemic Social Distancing Restrictions
Restaurants, barbershops, salons and a host of other independent retailers with fewer than 50 workers often have fewer financial resources to draw from to minimize disruption in cash flow resulting from the decrease in demand forced by the abrupt pandemic shutdown.

Exploring the Optimal Conditions for Workplace Innovation Contests
Contests are everywhere, whether it is employees competing for a raise, firms racing for exclusive patent rights or programmers competing in algorithmic contests, and administrators can be advised on how to best achieve their desired results.

Interpersonal Trust, and Citizen Mistrust of Police
Fatal encounters between civilians and police can lead individuals to call authorities less often, which in turn could lead to the inefficient operation of the police force.

Technology, Communication Affect Hospital Malpractice Suits
Hospitals that implement new health information technology systems see a decrease in medical malpractice suits – but only if their medical providers are effective communicators.

Economics are Affected by Public Health Epidemics
Findings that detail the financial toll of an 1854 cholera epidemic show that housing and property prices in a London neighborhood still lag behind its neighboring communities today.

The Rippling Effects of the Shortage of Child Care Options
The expansion of free universal pre-kindergarten had the unintended consequence of reducing the availability of care for children under 2 years old.


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