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Darla Moore School of Business

Professional Development

When our students finish their chosen program of study, they are highly trained and knowledgeable thanks to top-notch faculty and challenging curriculum. But, what about after graduation?

The Office of Career Management recognizes that for most of our students, professional development is a critical need. For this reason, we integrate a comprehensive career and professional development program into your academic coursework requirements. The Moore Professional Series, our robust professional development curriculum, is designed to develop you into a well-rounded individual, equipped to make well-informed, appropriate career choices.

Career Management

Basic career management education is at the core of our initiatives.

Why is this so important? Past studies indicate the average professional will change jobs 7-10 times in a lifetime. In reality, it could be more often because of industry trends, downsizing or economic conditions. The professionals who know how to effectively manage these changes in the context of their lifelong career goals will be more successful and more satisfied professionally.

We believe that our students deserve a cutting-edge business education, complemented by our commitment to helping you develop job search and career management skills. To accomplish this, we provide a practical, step-by-step look at  key job search areas.

Topics include:

  • Resume Development
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job Search Planning and Research
  • Networking Techniques
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Lifelong Career Planning
  • Business Presence

In today's global workplace, being smart is simply not enough and professional success depends on much more — we call it "boardroom presence."

The Moore Professional Series includes a series of experiences and activities designed to develop our students' professional presence. Our goal is for you to develop both the academic understanding and professional presence to succeed in any setting.

Personal Development

The Office of Career Management believes self-awareness is the key to better understanding what career paths will be the most fulfilling. To accomplish this, we take students on an introspective journey as they consider various career and industry options.

For graduate students, this journey is navigated by a comprehensive, robust assessment tool that has been used in industry for more than 50 years: The Birkman Method©. Each student completes the Birkman Method©questionnaire within the first few weeks of school. Individual results are reviewed, evaluated and assessed in various contexts and at increasingly deeper levels throughout the series.

Students who take full advantage of these personal growth opportunities will leave the Moore School not only with a top-notch degree, but also with a more complete understanding of who they are and what they bring to a leadership role.

Each Moore School graduate student leaves us with a unique competitive advantage: the self-awareness and professional presence needed to plan and manage a lifelong career. You won't find a more complete career and professional development program.

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