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Darla Moore School of Business

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    The MIB is designed for explorers, visionaries and future leaders


The MIB journey is a transformational year at the Moore School — a personal and professional leap forward through intensive study and relationship building. Our highly customizable program allows you to select from one of three functionally based tracks through which you’ll hone relevant expertise. Our Double-Degree program allows you to earn an MIB from the Moore School and a second master’s degree from one of our acclaimed international partner schools around the world.

Program Structure

The MIB curriculum consists of 30 credit hours, or 10 academic courses, combined with a business methods boot camp and a professional development workshop series. Students can choose from two program options: the one-year MIB or the double-degree program. All students are required to complete the MIB common core classes and select one of three functional track specifications.

The MIB Common Core
The common core is required for all students and consists of four required courses (two courses taken per semester). These courses address issues that are fundamental to international management and the finance. The courses include advanced training in international strategy, multinational corporation management, cross-national institutional and market analysis, risk analysis, transnational and national innovation systems, cross-border supply chain and team management, alliances, foreign investment strategy and regulatory analysis.

The four required courses are:

  • IBUS 704: Comparative Corporate Governance (Spring)
  • IBUS 705: Global Business Management (Fall)
  • IBUS 706: Nation States, Regional Networks and Global Markets (Fall)
  • IBUS 734: International Business Negotiations (Spring)

Offered by the Moore School’s Office of Career Management, the professional development series is a bi-weekly seminar that provides students with the skills needed to effectively secure placement upon graduation from the MIB program. Topics covered include interviewing techniques, building an effective online presence and resume building, among others.


Functional Certificate Options

While completing the MIB core classes, students then choose a certificate specialization to round out their coursework. These certificates offer students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in one of the key areas of international business.

Area of Focus: How companies successfully conduct business across borders, languages and cultures as well as different political and financial regimes

Skills Acquired: Students receive advanced coursework in organizational and strategic analysis for leading the internationalization of a firm or leading the ongoing cross-border activities of a firm. Topics covered include management consulting in an international context; global strategic management; alliances, mergers and acquisitions; stakeholder management; product development; or global leadership.

Career Paths:

  • Strategy and management consulting or business
  • Management in a multinational corporation


Area of Focus: International finance and trade

Skills Acquired: Students receive advanced coursework in international financial and trade analysis. Topics covered include international monetary systems and investment decisions; financial risk analysis; cross-border movements of good and services; and international trade strategy.

Career Paths:

  • Financial management of multinational corporations
  • Investment banking
  • Portfolio management or financial consultancy
  • Research positions responsible for identifying new business opportunities


Area of Focus: Foreign market analysis; business development; and product and brand expansion across national, linguistic and/or cultural borders

Skills Acquired: Students receive advanced coursework in business development and marketing across countries. Topics covered include transnational market analysis and development; marketing and sales; cross-cultural negotiations; consumer behavior; product development; and risk management.

Career Paths:

  • International marketing
  • Market research
  • Brand, product or service management
  • Consultancy



Extend Your MIB with Business Analytics

Students can add an optional 12-credit Business Analytics Graduate Certificate.

This certificate allows you to:

  • Hone your business analytics capabilities
  • Learn how to transform raw data into knowledge based projections
  • Be well-equipped to step into data-driven roles in companies around the world

Certificate credits can be taken while you are enrolled in the MIB program. Successful completion of the Business Analytics certificate qualifies F-1 international students to apply for a 24-month STEM extension of their Optional Practical Training. The extension allows for 24 months of work authorization in the field of business analytics. Learn more about the 24-month STEM extension.

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