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Darla Moore School of Business

Engineer capitalizes on promotions with skills of his MBA

July 2, 2020

Moore School and USC alumnus Cedric Green (’15 USC Ph.D., mechanical engineering, ’08 USC Master of Mechanical Engineering, ’02 MBA, ’97 USC mechanical engineering) has realized growth opportunities with large energy companies by combining his engineering skills with his MBA degree.

Green earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering from USC. Deciding to pursue an MBA from the Moore School to develop his business and financial acumen, Green continues to apply this knowledge to his new role as vice president for gas transmission and storage technical services at Dominion Energy.

“Working in a heavily regulated industry, I am fortunate to have learned through the Moore School how to be strategic in my new role,” Green said. “I make tactical decisions that meet the needs of our customers, the public in general and Dominion Energy.”

Green, who was most recently vice president for gas services for Dominion Energy Southeast Energy Group, began his career in the energy industry at SCANA Corporation as a student intern in 1994. After earning his higher degrees in engineering and business, Green transitioned into more executive roles at SCANA Corporation and later, at Dominion Energy when it acquired SCANA Corporation in January 2019.

In his newest executive role, Green said he oversees 250 employees responsible for compression engineering, storage engineering, pipeline integrity and engineering services.

“I really use the operations management and accounting and finance disciplines [I learned through the Moore School MBA program] daily,” Green said. “I navigate decisions regarding the design and build of pipeline and underground storage systems while leveraging technology to automate both. We ensure the overall integrity of both systems to mitigate risk, so my current position marries the two disciplines.” 

Continuing to work full-time at SCANA Corporation while pursuing his MBA, Green completed the Professional MBA program at the Moore School. The Professional MBA program is designed to accommodate students who have other obligations during typical work hours, so most classes are held in the evenings and on Saturdays. Students also have the option to attend class virtually.

“I made a true sacrifice to complete my studies as I worked full time in a power generation environment [while completing my MBA program],” Green said. “However, the return on that investment has been exponential. The Moore School helped me to become a more strategic thinker, and the MBA opened doors for me to work in positions beyond operations. As such, I continue to benefit from understanding the big picture when I make decisions.”

Green added that he is thankful for the support he received from various USC faculty while he pursued his various degrees.

“I want to acknowledge that I would have made it through neither the Professional MBA program, nor the rest of the engineering programs, without the support of my mentor since undergrad, Dr. Jamil Khan,” Green said. “In my case, support from the faculty at the USC got me through the tough times of my journey.”

As Green settles into his new role at Dominion Energy, he said he is excited about what will come next.

-Erin Mooney

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