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Darla Moore School of Business

New Moore School undergraduate chooses management major to eventually start her own business

Nov. 18, 2019

Moore School freshman LaTerra Frechette is majoring in business management because she wants to someday open her own gymnastics facility.

From Columbia, South Carolina, Frechette applied to USC because of the opportunities available through the Moore School’s network. She decided business management would help her explore various management styles.

Frechette has already been exposed to some business management, as she helped one of her high school teachers launch a school store to sell things like notebooks, pencils and other supplies. After assisting with the initial launch of the store, Frechette facilitated event planning, hiring and making merchandise decisions in the store until she graduated.

Wanting to get involved in campus organizations, Frechette joined the Rising Scholars program at the beginning of her freshman year. Rising Scholars is an excellence initiative to develop future business leaders and bridge the opportunity gap for underserved students from South Carolina. Moore School students who are selected for the program share a passion for business and a commitment to the school’s core values. To be designated as Rising Scholars, students must demonstrate a record of excellence, resiliency, teamwork and integrity — characteristics that are fundamental to future business leaders.

“The support for Rising Scholars has built my confidence in college and showed me opportunities I did not know I had, and this program continues to do that each time we meet,” Frechette said. “It is nice to know other freshman on campus that share an interest in business but who do not have other things in common. It also takes the pressure off meeting new people to make friends because the program starts us off with each other, and through each other we meet other people.”

Frechette’s desire to network with her peers and get involved in the Moore School show her ambition. This is what motivates her to open her own gymnastics studio someday. A gymnast herself, Frechette has a passion for the sport and wants to instill that passion in young athletes with her own studio.

“I want to be the person [that children] can come to and trust, while also teaching them valuable skills,” Frechette said. “Perseverance and dedication are taught through gymnastics. It taught me these lessons, so I want to teach them to future gymnasts.”

Frechette began gymnastics when she was 9 years old. She said the sport taught her that failure is not an option. Using gymnastics practice to escape school stress for a few hours, Frechette said she also learned time management skills.

She began coaching at age 15 and learned the impact she could have on her students.

“How my gymnasts perform shows that I have a huge impact on their lives, which teaches me that how others see me will impact how successful I will be in my own business," Frechette said.

A recipient of the Moore School’s Bruce and Lynn Felt scholarship, Frechette is excited to receive further education to help her eventually succeed as a business owner. Frechette said that she would not have been able to attend USC without this scholarship.

“As a hopeful future business owner, it is [more stressful] to take a risk with a large amount of loans and debt because you have more to lose,” Frechette said.

After beginning classes in August, she said she is excited to explore the Moore School’s classes, organizations and programs as she gets settled into campus life.

“I have already learned that [the Moore School] community is filled with opportunities for everyone,” Frechette said.

She said she plans to become involved in a community service group on campus, but her main focus remains on her business goal.

-Erin Mooney

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