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Student Officer Spotlight: Thatcher Rotenberry

SIPA Vice President Thatcher Rotenberry

Panther Talk, Brookwood HS (Brookwood, Ala.)

Thatcher Rotenberry is a multi-publication journalist who has experience in many fields. After producing for and helping grow his school’s broadcast show, "PantherTalk," Thatcher worked with his school to found a new digital publication. When not working on one of his two publications, Thatcher enjoys hiking and backpacking. He is involved in his school’s Musical Theatre program, Tuscaloosa’s venturing crew 89, and he is an Eagle Scout.

What is your position on staff?
I am the lead producer for our Broadcast and am the Chief of Staff for the Digital Publication.

What are your passions outside of journalism?
I absolutely LOVE backpacking. I spent 12 days backpacking in the mountains of New Mexico at Philmont Scout Ranch over this last summer.

What have been some of your favorite stories that you have covered and why?
My junior year I covered a chemical spill from our local coal mines and the influence that potential political corruption played in the legal fight following the chemical spill.

What do you want to pursue after high school?
After high school I hope to get a job working on a political staff. I would like to work on a staff in Washington, D.C., but I plan to start my career on the campaign trail.

If you were a Spotify playlist, what would you be?
If I was an album "I Would be Man on the Moon" by Kid Cudi

Why did you decide to join journalism in high school?
I thought the classroom looked really cool.

What advice do you have for other high school journalists?
Keep on keeping on. Everything is worth it.

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