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Student spotlight: Alyssa Bunting

Senior Alyssa Bunting is someone you should know around Davis College. Armed with a passion for research, an interest in the intersections of information science and geography and more than a few scholarships and awards to her name, Bunting brings a lot to the iSchool community.

RCLC Albers Fellow shares research on social justice in graphic novels

Thanks to a Carnegie Whitney grant from the American Library Association, Karen Gavigan has created a website for librarians looking to use graphic novels as a means of fostering meaningful discussion on social justice issues with young adults.

David Lankes awarded Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award

David Lankes, iSchool director, was recognized for his 30 years of visionary leadership in reference services; for his national leadership in virtual reference; for his ongoing work in expanding reference services to build stronger communities; and for his excellence as a scholar.

Student spotlight: Anntwanette "Netty" Sulton

As a child, Anntwanette “Netty” Sultan volunteered at libraries with the goal of one day working in one. Now in her final year as an information science student at the University of South Carolina, she’s one step closer to turning that dream into reality.

What we miss about misinformation: Q&A with Dr. Nicole Cooke

Library Journal caught up with Cooke to discuss what librarians need to know about how misinformation and disinformation work in the modern era and how they can be combated effectively.

Researchers to help LGBTQIA+ populations navigate barriers to health information

Health disparities are common in LGBTQIA+ populations, in part because discrimination makes health information harder to come by. Over the next two years, a team of researchers from the School of Information Science and Arnold School of Public Health will collaborate to recruit, learn from and develop specialized training for LGBTQIA+ community health workers.

iSchool Social Impact Committee and Diversity Leadership Group hosts discussion on Caste by Isabella Wilkerson

As part of this semester's equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice programming, the iSchool Social Impact Committee and Diversity Leadership Group hosted a discussion on Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson. The discussion was led by iSchool alumnus Gerald Moore.

iSchool hosts panel on information science careers

iSchool graduate Jared Stephens and Capgemini recruiter Kaitlyn White fielded questions on how COVID-19 has affected the work environment, opportunities for information science students, advice on getting started in the workforce and more.

The heart of the school

For many students, March 2020 became a pivotal moment. Classes went online, and teachers began rescheduling deadlines while trying to figure out how exactly the pandemic would affect learning. Luckily, school librarians have played a critical role in helping everyone adapt.

Learning with love

Puppets, puppies and karaoke. These are some of the nontraditional tools that alumna Penny Esterley uses to teach at Community Literacy Lab.

Got skills?

Love a good podcast? Publishers Weekly has launched The Skillset Podcast with iSchool Director David Lankes and Augusta Baker Chair Nicole Cooke. The Skillset illuminates the complex issues facing libraries and other key institutions in these unprecedented times.

How libraries can help us make a more perfect union

Civil, honest conversations based on facts and science, history and truth, have long brought people together. And iSchool Director David Lankes believes libraries and schools are the essential social infrastructure to help us find our commonalities once again. Read his column in Publishers Weekly

Applications are open for school library research and teaching fellowship

The School Library Research and Teaching Fellowship Program aims to fund a doctoral student who is committed to development as a school library researcher and educator.

Nicole Cooke named one of UofSC's 2021 Social Justice Award winners

In a field where more than 85 percent of the professionals are white women, Cooke stood out. And that observation inspired her desire to help diversify the field of librarians to make the profession more equitable and better reflective of the communities librarians serve.

Starting the spring semester and bringing light

iSchool Director David Lankes calls on faculty, staff, students and alumni to bring about light by embracing the mission of the school: to bring meaning and justice to communities through information and knowledge.

iSchool 2020 year in review

As 2020 comes to a close, Director David Lankes reflects on the iSchool’s many accomplishments. These include enrollment gains in the BSIS and MLIS programs, as well as new academic programs, faculty positions, public scholarship efforts and more.

iSchool launches scholarship match program to attract top talent

Each year, the American Library Association awards dozens of scholarships to underrepresented students looking to earn a master's degree in library and information science. Now, by matching that $5,000 scholarship, the iSchool is giving students a new reason to enroll.

Introducing ‘The Skillset Podcast' with R. David Lankes and Nicole A. Cooke

Love a good podcast? Publishers Weekly has launched The Skillset Podcast with iSchool Director David Lankes and Augusta Baker Chair Nicole Cooke. The Skillset will illuminate the complex issues facing libraries and other key institutions in these unprecedented times.

Turning antiracist knowledge and education into action

In this Publisher's Weekly article, Dr. Nicole Cooke discusses how allies for social and racial justice are choosing to 'stand in the gap.'

Bird watching: UofSC literacy efforts go virtual during COVID-19

Since April, CRE's Virtual Storytime YouTube playlist has featured a line-up of guest readers, including former mascots, Miss Gamecock 2020, and even famed talk show host and University of South Carolina alumna Leeza Gibbons.

Project READY S.C. Announced

The South Carolina Center for Community Literacy, the Augusta Baker Endowed Chair for Childhood Literacy, and the South Carolina State Library announce a Learning Cohort course for Project READY (Reimagining Equity & Access for Diverse Youth) S.C.!

Leaders with helping hands

Only 50 librarians are selected each year in the ALA’s competitive Emerging Leaders Program, but several of our alumnae were chosen in recent years. We sat down with three of them to talk about their academic journeys and experiences.

Why libraries are committing to systemic change

David Lankes writes in Publishers Weekly that today's crises in public health, the economy and in racism demand we rethink everything — including what we’ve always considered virtuous institutions, like libraries, schools and publishers.

Reading Is only a step on the path to anti-racism

In this Publisher's Weekly article, Dr. Nicole Cooke suggests viewing one's anti-racist journey in three stages.

School of Information Science statement on diversity, equity and inclusion

The University of South Carolina’s School of Information Science community strongly condemns the systemic and systematic oppression of black people, indigenous people and all people of color.


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