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College of Information and Communications

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The BaUX Lab supports faculty and student research, creative projects, and community partnership across various disciplines inside and outside of USC campus.

Top Photo: iMotions’ product specialist and neuroscientist Pernille Bülow gave a presentation explaining electroencephalography (EEG).

Current Research

Jin Liu (College of Education) – “Improving Students’ Ethical Sensitivity in Academic Activities through a Short Course”

Jungmi Jun, Tayler Wen, Ali Zain and Khalid Alharbi “Young Adults’ Biometric and Perceptual Responses to ‘FDA’ Authorization Cue and the Quit Smoking Warning Label for Modified Risk Tobacco Products”

Completed Research

Sei-Hill Kim, Ali Zain and Khalid Alharbi – “Examining visual attention on labels for misinformation on social media”

Ali Zain  (doctoral student) – “Assessing Role of Social Media Labels in Countering Misinformation: An Information Processing Perspective”

Shannon Bowen, Khalid Alharbi and Colin Piacentine – “Responses to Natural Disaster Misinformation on Social Media: An Analysis of Source Credibility and Biometrics”

Taylor Wen and Glenna Read (Director of the Brain, Body and Media (BBAM) Lab at University of Georgia) – “This Ad Speaks to Me: An Investigation of Mechanisms Underlying Social Identity Relevant Advertising”

Chris Noland (doctoral student) – “Go with The Flow: Testing the Effects of Emotional Flow on Psychophysiological, Attitudinal, and Behavioral Changes”

Khalid Alharbi  (doctoral student) – “Should I Buy This? The Role of Message Source and Comment Valence in the Context of Influencer Marketing”

 Tara Marie Mortensen, Taylor Wen, Colin Piacentine, and Nora Bost – “An eye-tracking analysis of negative and positive emotional staff and stock photos in the news”

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