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College of Information and Communications

Certificate in Data and Communication

Are you a communications professional seeking flexible, online continuing education to update your skills? Or are you a recent graduate looking to augment your degree with tools that are in high demand?

Our 12-hour certificate combines courses from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication with courses from the School of Information science to make you more marketable and up-to-date in an industry in constant flux.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong growth in the data science field and predicts the number of jobs will increase by about 28% through 2026. To give that 28% a number, that is roughly 11.5 million new jobs in the field. Reference:  Is Data Science Still a Rising Career in 2021

Core Overview

12 credits (3 core, one elective)

  1. ISCI/JOUR 709 - Data and Digital Communication Fundamentals (new course) Students will demonstrate ability to use data to develop applied knowledge and insights.They will apply communication theories to real world applications.
  2. JOUR 705 - Strategic Communications Principles
    Students will define and provide examples of strategic communications principles, concepts, and strategies across multiple contexts.
  3. Data: Student can choose one of these options:
    ISCI 534 - Knowledge Discovery Techniques
    ISCI 560 - Data Visualization
    Or other approved courses
  4. Elective: Choose one from the list of approved courses:
    • ISCI 770 - Design and Management of Databases
    • ISCI 775 - Practicum in Organizing and Managing Web Resources
    • ISCI 776 - Web Technologies for Information Specialists
    • ISCI 777 - Design and Management of Digital Image Collections
    • ISCI 780 - Information Networks
    • ISCI 787 - Seminar in Applied Information Systems for Information Specialists
    • ISCI 794 - Internship
    • JOUR 597 - Internship
    • JOUR 599 - Fundamentals of Brand Presence Optimization (SEO)
    • JOUR 599 - Media Sales and Advertising Technology
    • JOUR 710 - Organizational Communication
    • JOUR 740 - New Technologies and the Mass Media
    • JOUR 772 - Seminar in Health, Science, and the Media
    • JOUR 776 - Seminar in Interactive Media and Emerging Communication Technologies
    • JOUR 790 - Topics in Mass Communication (1-6 Credits)
    • JOUR 802 - Seminar in Ethical Reasoning in Mass Communications
    • Special Topics
    • Other Approved Electives

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