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College of Information and Communications

Doctoral Students

Our doctoral students are heavily involved in a variety of research activities. Please see the following for a list of our current doctoral students. Their primary research areas are included in the list. In case you want to reach any of our current doctoral students, their email addresses are included as well.

Alharbi, Khalid

Email Khalid -

Bhalla, Nandini

Health Communication, Public Relations
Email Nandini -

Boling, Kelli

Visual Communications
Email Kelli -

Birmingham, Branden
Political communications
Email Branden -
Choi, Minhee

Public Relations in Nonprofit Sectors, Health Communication
Email Minhee -

Danelia, Nino

Email Nino -

Noland, Chris
Ejaz, Khadija

Health Communication, Public Relations
Email Khadija -

Frear, Christopher

Journalism History, Civil Rights, New Media
Email Christopher -

Haun, Daniel

Public Relations, New Media, Social Media, and Educational Technology
Email Daniel -

Hong, Young Shin

Public Relations, New Media, Relationship Management
Email Young Shin -

Kim, Joon Kyoung

Health Communication, Public Relations and Social Media
Email Joon Kyoung -

LaPrad, Katherine

Feminist Media Studies, Media history
Email Katherine -

Li, Jo-Yun (Queenie) 

Health Communication, Media Advocacy, Strategic Communication, Public Relations
Email Queenie -

McDonald, Chris

Media Law
Email Chris -

Noland, Chris

Media Effects and Political Communications
Email Chris -

O'Boyle, Mary Jane

International and Intercultural Communication, Digital Media Diplomacy
Email Mary Jane -

Slater, Melvin

Email Melvin -

Stilwell, Matthew

Sports Communication, Public Relations
Email Matthew -

Tatge, Mark

Online Communication, Social Media
Email Mark -

Wan, Anan (Anna)

Advertising, Social Media, Branding and Consumer Behaviors
Email Anna -

Weatherred, Jane Long

Health Communication, Social Media, Scale Development
Email Jane Long -

Webster, Larry

Media Effects, Children, Adolescents and New Media Technology
Email Larry -

Zhang, Nanlan

Science Communication, Health Communication and Social Media
Email Nanlan -

Zhu, Yicheng

Public Relations, Nonprofit Fundraising, Media Technology International Political Communication, Public Relations, Media System Dependency Theory, Social Media, Big Data Analysis, U.S., China and Latin America
Email Yicheng -