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College of Information and Communications

Certificate in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

This 12-hour specialization of the graduate certificate in Specialized Study in Information Science develops a deeper understanding of race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, social class and poverty, and other sociocultural topics through the lens of information science. The goal is for students to be better-equipped at recognizing the needs for systemic changes in the workplace and to cultivate stronger support and better representation for the populations they will serve in libraries, archives, schools, and across information management fields.  

The graduate certificate in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion requires 12 credit hours (4 courses) and may be completed concurrently with the MLIS. Students who complete the certificate concurrently with the MLIS may share all 4 courses between the certificate and the MLIS.

iSchool Courses for Cultural Diversity and Social Justice Studies – all 4 courses may come from iSchool course offerings or they may incorporate courses from other departments. At the very least, students should take ISCI 752: Diversity in Libraries.

  • ISCI 720: School Library Media Program Development
  • ISCI 751: Libraries, Literacy, and Literature – take in a fall semester based on current course rotation
  • ISCI 752: Diversity in Libraries – take in a spring semester based on current course rotation; this course is strongly recommended for all students seeking to complete this certificate.
  • ISCI 756: Children’s Materials
  • ISCI 757: Young Adult Materials
  • ISCI 760: Materials and Services for Latino Youth
  • ISCI 764: Universal Design and Accessibility for Youth
  • ISCI 782: Social Justice Storytelling and Advocacy - fall semester
  • ISCI 781: Critical Cultural Information Studies - spring semester
  • ISCI 794: Internship in Library and Information Science – School Library Track internships only
  • ISCI 797: Special Topic: other relevant topics as they are offered in fall and spring semesters (with the approval of the student’s advisor)

Other Options Available to Students (6-9 credits)

  • Courses from the College of Education and other university units as approved by faculty advisor
  • Examples of relevant courses:
  • EDCS 720: Introduction to Diversity and the Curriculum
  • EDHE 739: Seminar on Diversity in Higher Education
  • WGST 705: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
  • WGST 772/ANTH 772: Gender and Culture
  • Independent Study

Additional Requirements

  • Portfolio (can be combined with the MLIS exit portfolio) – All students completing the DEI certificate are required to complete an end-of-program portfolio in order to graduate. This portfolio can be combined with the portfolio requirement for the MLIS if students complete the certificate concurrently with the MLIS.

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