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Carolina Insider is a series of short newscasts featuring news and information with a hyper-local focus.  Stories affecting UofSC students, Midlands residents and people from across the Palmetto State and Southeast region take center stage.

Students in Power Producing learn to craft shows of their own.  The course is designed to mimic the real-world experience of working in a deadline-driven news environment.

Under the guidance of Dr. Laura Smith, students are assigned to one of two news teams and rotate through a range of editorial and production positions throughout the semester — including producer, associate producer/teleprompter operator, anchor, field reporter, director, technical director, audio operator and floor manager/camera operator.

Fall 2020

Click on the links below to watch the most recent shows on YouTube. 

Carolina Insider

November 20

In this edition of Carolina Insider, find out everything you need to know about getting tested for COVID before Thanksgiving break, what the Gamecock football team looks like as they prepare to face off with the Missouri Tigers, and how winter may change outdoor seating and restaurants as the pandemic continues.  

Producer: Danielle Reeder, Associate Producer: Olivia Countess, Anchor: Forrest Tucker, Franchise Reporter: Tom Santaniello 

Director: Meredith McIntyre, Technical Director: Peter Smith, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Michaela Lopez, Audio Operator: Kourtney Vermillion, Clips Operator: Christianna Scrobe 

Carolina Insider

November 19 

In this edition of Carolina Insider, get updates on a recent tragedy in the UofSC community, see how small businesses are doing in South Carolina, and how Columbia is getting into the holiday spirit.  

Producer: Sydni Edwards, Associate Producer: Ward Jolles, Anchor: Elizabeth East, Franchise Reporter: Michaela Lopez 

Director: Noah Patheja, Technical Director: Kourtney Vermillion, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Victoria Sloan, Audio Operator: Breanna Moody, Clips Operator: Christotianna Scrobe 

Carolina Insider

November 18

In this edition of Carolina Insider, new changes come to Gamecock football team, Richland county teachers step down due to the COVID crisis and find out a new sustainable lifestyle that is becoming more popular among young people in South Carolina.  

Producer: Dylan Leatherwood, Associate Producer: Spencer Buckler, Anchor: Maegan Carter, Franchise Reporter: Victoria Sloan 

Director: Logan Gray, Technical Director: Breanna Moody, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Tom Santaniello, Audio Operator: Peter Smith, Clips Operator: Christianna Scrobe 

Carolina Insider

November 13

In this edition of Carolina Insider, local customers are pushing back against a proposed energy rate increase, how mask pollution may have a negative impact on the environment, and how South Carolina has become a hotspot for female entrepreneurship.  

Producer: Forrest Tucker, Associate Producer: Danielle Reeder, Anchor: Tom Santaniello, Franchise Reporter: Merideth McIntyre 

Director: Peter Smith, Technical Director: Olivia Countess, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Noah Patheja, Clips Operator: Christianna Scrobe  

Carolina Insider

November 12

In this edition of Carolina Insider, a COVID-19 vaccine could be released within the next year, viral videos of Five Points affect local businesses, and the Gamecock Football quarterback controversy continues on the road to Oxford.  

Producer: Elizabeth East, Associate Producer: Sydni Edwards, Anchor: Michaela Lopez, Franchise Reporter: Noah Patheja 

Director: Kourtney Vermillion, Technical Director: Ward Jolles, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Logan Gray, Audio Operator: Spencer Buckler, Clips Operator: Christianna Scrobe 

Carolina Insider

November 11

In this edition of Carolina Insider, get the latest updates on a possible COVID-19 vaccine, see how working remotely has changed workplace culture and learn about the extended mask mandate and how local restaurants are preparing for the approaching winter season.  

Producer: Maegan Carter, Associate Producer: Dylan Leatherwood, Anchor: Victoria Sloan, Franchise Reporter: Logan Gray 

Director: Breanna Moody, Technical Director: Spencer Buckler, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Merideth McIntyre, Audio Operator: Olivia Countess, Clips Operator: Christianna Scrobe 

Carolina Insider

November 6

In this edition of Carolina Insider, declaring a winner may not be the end of the presidential race, with other South Carolina elections finally coming to a close, and how social media influences this year’s voter turnout.  

Producer: Tom Santaniello, Associate Producer: Forrest Tucker, Anchor: Merideth McIntyre, Franchise Reporter: Peter Smith 

Director: Olivia Countess, Technical Director: Danielle Reeder, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Kourtney Vermillion, Audio Operator: Sydni Edwards, Clips Operator: Christianna Scrobe 

Carolina Insider

November 5

In this edition for Carolina Insider, get updates on South Carolina election results, voter intimidation effects voter turnout, and a Five Points business struggles with COVID, but because of safety restrictions. 


Producer: Michaela Lopez, Associate Producer: Elizabeth East, Anchor: Noah Patheja, Franchise Reporter: Kourtney Vermillion 


Director: Ward Jolles, Technical Director: Sydni Edwards, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Breanna Moody, Audio Operator: Dylan Leatherwood, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe 

Carolina Insider

November 4

In this edition of Carolina Insider, hear the first day of election results from across the nation, how social media influenced those outcomes, and hear why experts think college student drinking habits are on the decline.


Producer: Victoria Sloan, Associate Producer: Maegan Carter, Anchor: Logan Gray, Franchise Reporter: Breanna Moody 


Director: Spencer Buckler, Technical Director: Dylan Leatherwood, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Peter Smith, Audio Operator: Danielle Reeder, Clips Operator: Christianna Scrobe 

Carolina Insider

October 30

In this edition of Carolina Insider, get last-minute updates on this year’s elections, see one quarantine trend that may influence this holiday season, and Boo at the Zoo returns to get the public into the Halloween spirit while also staying safe.

Producer: Merideth McIntyre, Associate Producer: Tom Santaniello, Anchor: Peter Smith, Franchise Reporter: Olivia Countess

Director: Danielle Reeder, Technical Director: Forrest Tucker, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Ward Jolles, Audio Operator: Elizabeth East, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe

Carolina Insider

October 29

In this edition of Carolina Insider, follow election updates as Vice President Mike Pence and former Vice President make their way south, Columbia businesses struggling under COVID-19 operations have a new opportunity to receive financial aid, and see how ride-share services are encouraging voters this election season.

Producer: Noah Patheja, Associate Producer: Michaela Lopez, Anchor: Kourtney Vermillion, Franchise Reporter: Ward Jolles

Director: Sydni Edwards, Technical Director: Elizabeth East, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Spencer Buckler, Audio Operator: Maegan Carter, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe

Carolina Insider

October 28

In this edition of Carolina Insider, hear what the future of UofSC may look like from university officials, find out how university polices are impacting Spring Break, and how a local animal shelter is encouraging the public to pick more than just pumpkins this Halloween.

Producer: Logan Gray, Associate Producer: Victoria Sloan, Anchor: Breanna Moody, Franchise Reporter: Spencer Buckler

Director: Dylan Leatherwood, Technical Director: Maegan Carter, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Olivia Countess, Audio Operator: Forrest Tucker, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe

Carolina Insider

October 23

In this edition of Carolina Insider, SC is breaking voting records with Election Day only a few weeks away, COVID precautions change holiday shopping in Five Points, and the State Fair comes to town looking a little different this year.

Producer: Peter Smith, Associate Producer: Merideth McIntyre, Anchor: Olivia Countess, Franchise Reporter: Danielle Reeder

Director: Forrest Tucker, Technical Director: Tom Santabiello, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Sydni Edwards, Audio Operator: Michaela Lopez, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe

Carolina Insider

October 22

In this edition of Carolina Insider, find out how a new construction project is hoping to save students time, how rides on the UofSC shuttle system may look different, and how campus is celebrating the second week of homecoming.

Producer: Kourtney Vermillion, Associate Producer: Noah Patheja, Anchor: Ward Jolles, Franchise Reporter: Sydni Edwards

Director: Elizabeth East, Technical Director: Michaela Lopez, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Dylan Leatherwood, Audio Operator: Victoria Sloan, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe

Carolina Insider

October 21

In this edition of Carolina Insider, SCDHEC releases COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans, a local food bank adapts to continue serving the community during the pandemic, and the second week of homecoming festivities kick off.

Producer: Breanna Moody, Associate Producer: Logan Gray, Anchor: Spencer Buckler, Franchise Reporter: Dylan Leatherwood

Director: Maegan Carter, Technical Director: Victoria Sloan, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Danielle Reeder, Audio Operator: Tom Santaniello, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe

Carolina Insider

October 16

In this edition of Carolina Insider, students have more than just peace of mind to gain from frequent COVID testing, Gamecock football prepares to face off with the Auburn Tigers, and see how organizers are keeping the spirit of Homecoming strong while keeping students safe.

Producer: Olivia Countess, Associate Producer: Peter Smith, Anchor:  Danielle Reeder, Franchise Reporter: Forrest Tucker

Director: Tom Santabiello, Technical Director: Merideth McIntyre, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Elizabeth East, Audio Operator: Noah Patheja, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe

Carolina Insider

 October 15

In this edition of Carolina Insider, see how SC Senator Lindsey Graham is at the center of the hearings for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, how UofSC students are coming together after an untimely tragedy, and how COVID-19 regulations have impacted the return of Soda City Market.

Producer: Ward Jolles, Associate Producer: Kourtney Vermillion, Anchor: Sydni Edwards, Franchise Reporter: Elizabeth East

Director: Michaela Lopez, Technical Director: Noah Patheja, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Maegan Carter, Audio Operator: Logan Gray, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe

Carolina Insider

October 14

In this edition of Carolina Insider, the tragic passing of a student shakes the UofSC community, experts explain their stance on declining COVID-19 testing in the Columbia area and find out what updates on a local Black Lives Matter street mural have petitioners celebrating.

Producer: Spencer Buckler, Associate Producer: Breanna Moody, Anchor: Dylan Leatherwood, Franchise Reporter: Maegan Carter

Director: Victoria Sloan, Technical Director: Logan Gray, Camera Operator/Floor Manager: Forrest Tucker, Audio Operator: Merideth McIntyre, Clip Operator: Christianna Scrobe


Archived Newscasts

In the spring of 2020, the global COVID-19 crisis hit home at the University of South Carolina.  Face-to-face classes were canceled and many students left campus, returning home to continue their learning remotely.  Despite the challenges — and with a host of new processes and procedures in place  students in Dr. Laura Smith’s Power Producing class overcame multiple hurdles and worked to produce 12 news cut-ins (just as originally planned, although on a considerably abbreviated timetable).  We applaud their collaborative work and team spirit.

Click on the links below to watch the most recent shows on YouTube.

Carolina Insider

May 1

In this edition of Carolina Insider, UofSC President Robert Caslen talks about the future of Gamecock football, Harvest Hope Food Bank makes its presence felt in a profound way for hungry families in the Midlands, and find out what one church is doing to turn up the volume on church attendance. Producer/Editor:  Kyle Thomas; Anchor/Associate Producer:  Shani McMillan; Franchise Reporter: Emma Valenti.  

Carolina Insider

April 30

In this edition of Carolina Insider, beaches and some businesses get set to reopen in South Carolina, but with a few new rules in place.  While gyms remain closed, some folks in Columbia say they’re still getting a workouts in thanks to UofSC.  And we go to Wando, South Carolina, where one local high school is lighting up its facilities in honor of some graduating seniors. Producer/Editor:  Mia Horvit; Anchor/Associate Producer: Lovianna Blackwell; Franchise Reporter: Will Volk.  

Carolina Insider

April 29

In this edition of Carolina Insider, as if the challenges of online education weren’t enough, African American students at UofSC are forced to deal with a racially charged incident on Zoom.  We’ll tell you how University officials and student leaders are responding.  Online security concerns aren’t stopping state lawmakers from using Zoom for their next gathering.  And many South Carolina businesses say they’ve been left locked out of federal programs to keep workers on their payrolls. Producer/Editor:  Caleb Gilbert; Anchor/Associate Producer:  Nicole Grzymalski; Franchise Reporter: Tierney Becker.

Carolina Insider

April 28

In this edition of Carolina Insider, South Carolina’s Governor says changes are coming – soon – for businesses across the Palmetto State.  We take you to one Columbia shoe store that’s putting its best foot forward as they prepare to reopen.  And find out why a UofSC professor is getting nationwide attention for her smart and artful contributions. Producer/Editor:  Siobhan Crawford; Anchor/Associate Producer: Anya Brantley; Franchise Reporter:  Deric Rush.

Carolina Insider

April 23

In this edition of Carolina Insider, find out how the School of Journalism and Mass Communications is helping students struggling with the loss of their summer internships, good news – again – for the Darla Moore School of Business, and we head down to Sunshine State to see how the pandemic is impacting beaches and businesses. Producer/Editor:  Deric Rush; Anchor/Associate Producer: Siobhan Crawford; Franchise Reporter:  Anya Brantley

Carolina Insider

April 22

In this edition of Carolina Insider, COVID concerns strike at one of the world’s largest meat processing plants and it’s right here in our region, an organization closer to home is doing what it can to fight food insecurity, and we’ll tell you why the virus isn’t keeping a few good Gamecocks down. Find out where they’ll be starting their professional careers. Producer/Editor:  Tierney Becker; Anchor/Associate Producer:  Caleb Gilbert; Franchise Reporter: Nicole Grzymalski.

Carolina Insider

April 21

In this edition of Carolina Insider, UofSC’s President reveals his timetable deciding about fall classes and how they’ll convene, University officials release a plan to help students collect belongings locked inside student residence halls, and students talk about the end of their dreams for studying abroad. Producer/Editor:  Emma Valenti; Anchor/Associate Producer:  Kyle Thomas; Franchise Reporter: Shani McMillan.

Carolina Insider

April 20

In this edition of Carolina Insider, public school students across the Palmetto state learn they’ll be hitting the books online for the rest of the academic year, Governor Henry McMaster signals the start to some business openings, and we take you a local Wal-Mart to see how this works. Producer/Editor:  Will Volk;  Anchor/Associate Producer: Mia Horvit;  Franchise Reporter: Lovianna Blackwell.

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April 17

In this edition of Carolina insider, a new executive order extends “stay at home” rules for south Carolina residents and clamps down on business operations, tighter rules for face-to-face engagement and sanitation stations go into place at many on-campus buildings, with few jobs and no in-person classes, UofSC students box it up and head on home. Producer/Editor:  Anya Brantley; Anchor/Associate Producer: Deric Rush; Franchise Reporter:  Siobhan Crawford.

List Thumbnail

April 16

In this edition of Carolina insider, UofSC makes some changes that will help a lot of students’ wallets and college transcripts, engineering faculty work with volunteers to produce more than one thousand face shields for at-risk medical workers, and learn what many local drivers are doing to protect themselves during the pandemic. Producer/Editor:  Shani McMillan; Anchor/Associate Producer: Emma Valenti; Franchise Reporter: Kyle Thomas.  

List Thumbnail

April 15

In this edition of Carolina insider, Governor Henry McMaster declares a state of emergency for South Carolina, some creative ways to exercise at home, UofSC athletes try to stay game ready on lockdown, and Gamecock football coach Will Muschamp makes his impact felt by fundraising for the community. Producer/Editor:  Lovianna Blackwell; Anchor/Associate Producer: Will Volk; Franchise Reporter: Mia Horvit.  

List Thumbnail

April 14

In this edition of Carolina insider, South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control uses a new map to update the state’s residents on the latest COVID numbers, local stores take precautions against the virus, UofSC nursing students get some on-the-job training, and a Gamecock fraternity does something truly special for one of its staff members. Producer/Editor:  Nicole Grzymalski; Anchor/Associate Producer: Tierney Becker; Franchise Reporter: Caleb Gilbert.


Carolina insider

December 6

In this edition of Carolina Insider, democratic candidates try to make a bigger impact on the Palmetto State, a local library takes a stand against fake news, and one of the Midlands’ most important sources of news and information is cutting back. Producer-Will Rioux; AP-Mercy Myers; Anchor-Brendan McDowell; Franchise Reporter-Jacob Sloan; Director-Emma Mondo; Technical Director-Mekyla Alvarado; Audio-Mekyla Alvarado.

Carolina insider

December 4

In this edition of Carolina Insider, roundabouts may throw drivers for a loop but new data show they’re saving lives and cutting down on property damage.  Also, a new tool might help students calculate debt before signing on the bottom line, and local middle school students learn lessons that really matter in the workplace, but they’re not what you might think. Producer-Chloe Rafferty; AP-Cory Peeler; Anchor-Naja Hough; Franchise Reporter-Jacob Sloan; Director-Laurryn Thomas; Technical Director-Leah Kaczmarek; Audio-Mekyla Alvarado; Floor manager/Cameras-Emma Mondo.

Carolina insider

November 22

In this edition of Carolina Insider, a new poll shows a single candidate with a commanding lead in the race for the democratic nomination for President, more trouble for a recently suspended UofSC fraternity, and major renovations are coming for an historic property in Columbia. Producer-Brendan McDowell; AP-Will Rioux; Anchor-Laurryn Thomas; Franchise Reporter-Emma Mondo; Director-Mekyla Alvarado; Technical Director-Mercy Myers; Audio-Cory Peeler.

Carolina insider

November 20

In this edition of Carolina Insider, the democratic primary just got a more interesting for the Palmetto State, after Columbia’s mayor adds his endorsement to a potential new candidate.  We have local reaction to Twitter’s new political ad ban.  And architects seek student input on plans for a new student union. Producer-Naja Hough; AP-Chloe Rafferty; Anchor-Jacob Sloan; Franchise Reporter-Laurryn Thomas; Director-Leah Kaczmarek; Technical Director-Cory Peeler; Audio-Mercy Myers; Floor manager/Cameras-Emma Mondo.

Carolina insider

November 15

In this edition of Carolina Insider, two regional hospitals get top grades for their treatment of patients, another craft brewery opens amidst a regional brewery boom, and a local artist hits a brick wall in support of a beloved Columbia musician. Producer-Mercy Myers; AP-Brendan McDowell; Anchor-Emma Mondo; Franchise Reporter-Mekyla Alvarado; Director-Mercy Myers; Technical Director-Will Rioux; Audio-Chloe Rafferty; Floor manager/Cameras-Leah Kaczmarek.

Carolina insider

November 13

In this edition of Carolina Insider, another UofSC fraternity finds itself in hot water over hazing,  the search is on for another key leader at the University, and a local business finds itself at the center of the pinball universe. Producer-Jacob Sloan; Anchor-Naja Hough; Franchise Reporter-Leah Kaczmarek; Director-Cory Peeler; Technical Director-Chloe Rafferty; Audio-Will Rioux; Floor manager/Cameras-Mekyla Alvarado.

Carolina insider

November 8

 In this edition of Carolina Insider, plans are in the words for a new student union and you can have a say, local business owners find new opportunities to expand in the Midlands, and find out where the flu is heating up in the Palmetto state this week. Producer-Emma Mondo; Anchor-Mekyla Alvarado; Franchise Reporter-Mercy Myers; Director-Will Rioux; Technical Director-Brendan McDowell; Audio-Chloe Rafferty; Floor manager/Cameras-Cory Peeler.

Carolina Insider

November 6

In this edition of Carolina Insider, the end is in sight for drivers who’ve spent the past few weeks driving around a stubborn sinkhole, a new kind of hotel is taking hold in the Midlands, and Gamecocks heat up airwaves as four different sports get TV-time. Producer-Laurryn Thomas; AP-Jacob Sloan; Anchor-Leah Kaczmarek; Franchise Reporter-Cory Peeler; Director-Chloe Rafferty; Technical Director-Naja Hough; Audio-Brendan McDowell; Floor manager/Cameras-Mercy Myers.

Carolina Insider - November 1

November 1

In this edition of Carolina Insider, some South Carolina lawmakers discuss the future of the state’s controversial fetal heart beat bill, the hits just keep on coming as Carolina football players tackle their next conference opponent, and out on the green, a local past time has a hard time making par.  Producer-Mekyla Alvarado; AP-Emma Mondo; Anchor-Mercy Myers; Franchise Reporter-Will Rioux; Director-Brendan McDowell; Technical Director-Jacob Sloan; Floor manager/Cameras-Chloe Rafferty.

Carolina Insider

October 30

In this edition of Carolina Insider, there’s something in the water that’s affecting local businesses, Columbia entrepreneurs join in on the brewery boom, and U-S-C’s student government advocates for a seat at the table. Producer-Leah Kaczmarek ; AP-Laurryn Thomas; Anchor-Cory Peeler; Franchise Reporter-Chloe Rafferty; Director-Naja Hough; Technical Director-Jacob Sloan; Audio-Brendan McDowell; Floor manager/Cameras-Will Rioux.

List Thumbnail

October 25

In this edition of Carolina Insider, President Donald Trump comes to Columbia, a local art center is TAPPed out and moving out of town, and UofSC student government encourages students to ask the right question to Break the Stigma. Producer-Mercy Myers; AP-Mekyla Alvarado; Anchor-Will Rioux; Franchise Reporter-Brendan McDowell; Director-Jacob Sloan; Technical Director-Emma Mondo; Audio-Laurryn Thomas; Floor manager/Cameras-Naja Hough.

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October 23

In this edition of Carolina insider, a Gamecock football player is off the team after being charged with domestic violence, senate lawmakers debate the state’s proposed fetal heartbeat bill, and UofSC students get some spooky relief from mid-term stress – and it’s alcohol free. Producer-Cory Peeler; AP-Leah Kaczmarek; Anchor-Chloe Rafferty; Franchise Reporter-Naja Hough; Director-Jacob Sloan; Technical Director-Laurryn Thomas; Audio-Emma Mondo; Floor manager/Cameras-Brendan McDowell.

Carolina Insider

April 26, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, an update on UofSC’s search for a new president, renovations get underway for a home-away-from-home on campus, and find out how social media has shifted from a communication tool to a source of income for some college students. Producer-McKenna Cieslak; AP-Carolina Wolfe; Anchor-Callista Brown; Franchise Reporter-Michael Stacy; Director-Angela Howell; Technical Director-RoseCatherine James; Audio-Drew Hill; Floor Manager/Cameras-Emily Aysse.

Carolina Insider

April 24, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, the man suspected of killing a UofSC student failed to appear in court this week.  Find out why.  Four men vying for the post of UofSC President come to campus — bringing some controversy with them.  And students hitting the job market have a free source for professional clothing at their fingertips. Producer-Anna King; AP-Sarah Pritchard; Anchor-Eli Brand; Franchise Reporter-Emily Aysse, Director Alexander Shepard; Technical Director-Drew Hill; Audio-RoseCatherine James; Floor Manager/Cameras-Michael Stacy.

Insider former vp

April 19, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, Columbia’s mayor proposes a new set of rules to change the rideshare culture and protect customers in the wake of a student murder, Columbia’s  streets could be in for some changes in honor of women, and York County residents respond to news that the Carolina Panthers may come their way. Producer-Callista Brown; AP-McKenna Cieslak; Anchor-Carolina Wolfe; Franchise Reporter- Michael Stacy; Director-RoseCatherine James; Technical Director-Caroline Wolfe; Audio-Sarah Pritchard; Floor Manager/Cameras-Alexander Shepard.

Insider former vp

April 17, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, a longtime Palmetto State leader and political icon is memorialized after decades of political service, an on-campus initiative to save lives takes to the streets, and find out just how much money UofSC raised in a day to support programs and services on campus. Producer-Eli Brand; AP-Anna King; Anchor-Emily Aysse; Franchise Reporter-Alexander Shepard; Director-Drew Hill; Technical Director-Sarah Pritchard; Audio-Caroline Wolfe; Floor Manager/Cameras-Angela Howell.

Insider former vp

April 12, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, a former vice president heads to the Palmetto State to deliver the eulogy for a longtime state leader, a bill making its way through the state house would create new opportunities for soon-to-be high school graduates, and time is running out for you to get up close and personal with the work of a world-renowned painter. Producer-Michael Stacy; AP-Callista Brown; Anchor- Angela Howell; Franchise Reporter- RoseCatherine James; Director-Caroline Wolf; Technical Director-McKenna Cieslack; Audio-Anna King; Floor Manager/Cameras-Drew Hill.

Public school

April 10, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, the struggle to find teachers for South Carolina’s public schools is leading to an international change, state lawmakers seek to make drinkers — and our streets — safer by toughening up training rules for businesses that serve alcohol, and the UofSC police department dispels rumors that an important campus safety measure is on its way out. Producer-Emily Aysee; AP-Elijah Brand; Anchor- Alexander Shepard;  Franchise Reporter-Drew Hill; Director-Sarah Pritchard; Technical Director- Anna King; Audio-McKenna Cieslak; Floor Manager/Cameras-RoseCatherine James.

Insider interview

April 5, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, state lawmakers introduce new legislation to enhance rideshare safety following the murder of a UofSC student, the University’s police force adds two new recruits — but they’re not what you might expect.   And reading help is on the way for struggling third graders across the midlands.  Producer-Angela Howell; AP-Michael Stacy; Anchor-RoseCatherine James; Reporter-Caroline Wolfe; Director-McKenna Cieslack; Technical Director-Callista Brown; Audio-Elijah Brand; Floor Manager/Cameras-Sarah Pritchard.

Carolina Insider street interview

April 3, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, the Columbia community grieves as a UofSC student is laid to rest following a murder in Five Points, residents gather on the Statehouse grounds to rally for gun control, and the university community tackles obesity without saying a word. Producer-Alexander Shepard; AP-Emily Aysse; Anchor-Drew Hill; Reporter-Sarah Pritchard; Director-Anna King; Technical Director- Elijah Brand; Audio Callista Brown; Floor Manager/Cameras-Caroline Wolfe.

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March 30, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, a range of new laws make their way through the state legislature that could impact the lives of people across the Palmetto State, one bill could change the way student conduct violations are brought to light on campus, and tip-off time is set for the Lady Gamecock as they take their show on the road for the Sweet-16. Producer-RoseCatherine Janes; AP-Angela Howell; Anchor-Caroline Wolfe; Reporter-McKenna Cieslak; Floor Manager/Cameras-Anna King; Director-Callista Brown; TD-Michael Stacy; Audio-Emily Aysse.

List Thumbnail

March 27, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, a major retailer plans to set up shop in Columbia, a host of politicians head to the Palmetto State to woo voters, and a civil rights icon enlightens, engages and encourages future legal minds.  Producer-Drew Hill; AP-Alexander Shepard; Anchor-Sarah Pritchard; Reporter-Anna King; Floor Manager/Cameras-McKenna Cieslak; Director- Elijah Brand; TD-Emily Aysse; Audio-Michael Stacy.

List Thumbnail

March 20, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, March Madness heads to Columbia, state lawmakers propose to take cell phones out of the hands of drivers, and UofSC enters a new partnership to help students who struggle to find parking. Producer-Sarah Pritchard; AP-Drew Hill; Anchor-Anna King; Reporter-Elijah Brand; Floor Manager/Cameras-Callista Brown; Director-Emily Aysse; TD-Alexander; Audio-Angela Howard.

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March 22, 2019

In this edition of Carolina Insider, a UofSC Volleyball player takes her talents to a bigger court, Lexington residents take issue with plans to build a new local school, and a local animal rescue organization launches a program help military veterans care for their pets when times get tough. Producer-Caroline Wolfe; AP-RoseCatherine James; Anchor-McKenna Cieslak; Reporter-Callista Brown; Floor Manager/Cameras-Elijah Brand; Director-Michael Stacy; TD-Angela Howell; Audio-Alexander Shepard.


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