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College of Information and Communications

Informatics Minor

Every organization uses information. Being able to analyze, manage and implement information in its various forms is critical, and that’s the skill set that this minor offers students. Information Science is the study of the cognitive, social, technological and organizational roles of information in all its forms and rests on three foundations: content, people, and technology. The skills you get with the minor are applicable to anything you do. 


Any student enrolled at the University of South Carolina may choose this minor except for students with majors in the School of Information Science. 

Career Opportunities

Informatics opens up a vast landscape of career opportunities, including:

  • Software developers 
  • Data scientists
  • User experience designers and researchers
  • Product managers
  • Knowledge managers
  • Information architects
  • Researchers


Required Courses (9 Hours)

  • ISCI 201 - Introduction to Information Science
    Major concepts, principles, theories, issues, and trends in the development of Information Science.
  • ISCI 301 - Information Storage and Retrieval
    Introduction to the concepts, issues, theories, and techniques of information storage and retrieval systems.
  • ISCI 434  - Introduction to Knowledge Discovery
    The students will review knowledge discovery basics concepts, techniques, tools, and applications. This course is project based and the students will develop new Wikipedia pages by reading papers in a selected domain.

Electives (9 Hours)

  • Select 9 hours from any additional ISCI courses.  

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