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Student Officer Spotlight: Alexis Leasy

SIPA Member-At-Large Alexis Leasy

WTHS News, Tupelo HS (Tupelo, Mississippi)

What is your position on staff?
My position on my broadcast journalism staff – WTHS News – is the Executive Producer. With this responsibility, I edit our weekly shows while working on my own stories and helping film events. Also, I serve as the senior vice president and secretary for our chapter of Quill and Scroll. Last year, I was responsible for handling social media.

What are your passions outside of journalism?
Outside of journalism, I love to play violin and am a part of the Golden Wave Orchestra.

What have been some of your favorite stories that you have covered and why?
My favorite story that I covered featured a senior cheerleader who had tons of energy. I loved this story so much because he was the true embodiment of school spirit and spread joy everywhere he went. 

Why did you decide to join journalism in high school?
I decided to join journalism because in middle school I took the publications class and found it interesting. I knew then that journalism was something I definitely wanted to explore in high school.

What advice do you have for other high school journalists?
Some advice I would give to other high school journalists would be to stay honest, work hard, and have fun. These seem like simple concepts but are usually overlooked. Staying honest in your work pays off and is most important while informing an audience. Working hard is also important because even if you do not have all the materials or equipment you need or may want, as long as you make the most with what you have, you will succeed. You may have to work harder than someone else, but if you stay positive you will be okay. Hard work always pays off even if it takes time. Having fun is also a big part of journalism because if you don’t like what you‘re doing then you won’t want to do it or put forth the effort. 

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