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College of Information and Communications

Faculty and Staff

Linwan Wu, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Dean for Research
Associate Professor
Department: School of Journalism and Mass Communications
College of Information and Communications
Phone: 803-777-0771
Fax: 803-777-4103
Office: School of Journalism and Mass Communications
800 Sumter Street, Room 240G
Columbia, SC 29208
Resources: Google Scholar


B.A., Advertising, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China)
M.A., Advertising, University of Florida
Ph.D., Mass Communications, University of Florida


Dr. Linwan Wu’s research focuses on advertising psychology and communication technology. In general, his research attempts to understand the psychological influences of advertising messages on consumers — as well as consumers’ psychological responses to digital media and online information. Most of Dr. Wu’s research involves conducting empirical studies using social-scientific methods.

Grants and Funded Research

2021 Advanced Support for Innovative Research Excellence (ASPIRE-I, TRACK 1) from University of South Carolina ($14,922)
Understand the impacts of social density and environmental uncertainty on consumers’ subjective well-being
Principal Investigator

2021 American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship ($2,500)
Disclosing the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in advertising to consumers
Principal Investigator

2018 Page Legacy Scholar Grant from the Arthur W. Page Center at The Pennsylvania State University’s College of Communications ($5,000)
Understanding native communication of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Principal Investigator


At the undergraduate level, Wu has taught JOUR421 (Media Analysis), JOUR518 (Brand Communications Practicum/Competitions), JOUR220 (Account Planning: Mining Insights), and JOUR202 (Principles of Advertising & Brand Communications). At the graduate level, Wu has taught JOUR749 (Literature of Mass Communication), JOUR807 (Advanced Mass Communication Research), and JOUR790 (Special Topic: Advertising Theory).

Recent Publications

Wu, L., Dodoo, N. A., & Choi, C-W. (2023). Brand anthropomorphism on Twitter: communication strategies and consumer engagement. Journal of Product & Brand Management. DOI: 10.1108/JPBM-12-2021-3787

Wu, L., Dodoo, N. A., Wen, T. J., & Ke, L. (2022). Understanding Twitter conversations about artificial intelligence in advertising based on natural language processing. International Journal of Advertising, 41(4), 685-702.

Wu, L., & Overton, H. (2022). Examining native CSR advertising as a post-crisis response strategy. International Journal of Advertising, 41(2), 354-381.

Wu, L. & Wen, T. J. (2021). Understanding AI advertising from the consumer perspective: What factors determine consumers’ appreciation of AI-created advertisements? Journal of Advertising Research, 61(2), 133-146.

Wu, L., & Overton, H. (2021). Is native advertising effective for corporate social responsibility messaging? How advertising recognition affects consumer responses to proactive versus reactive CSR. Journal of Advertising Research, 61(4), 382-396.

Wu, L., & Dodoo, N. A. (2020). Being accepted or ostracized: How social experience influences consumer responses to advertisements with different regulatory focus. Journal of Advertising, 49(3), 234-249.


Associate Editor, Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising

Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Advertising

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Advertising Research 

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Advertising

Research Chair, Advertising Division of AEJMC

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