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Darla Moore School of Business

Alumnus demonstrates MHR skills in IBM internship, attains full-time position

Nov. 17, 2020

Moore School alumnus Brandon Williams (’18 HR management and marketing, ’20 MHR) is taking the skills that he learned through the Master of Human Resources program to technology conglomerate IBM, where he will assume the role of human resources professional within IBM’s Human Resources Leadership Development Program.

Williams interned in IBM’s compensation and recognition department during summer 2020 and said he is excited to continue his career at a company that has already taught him so much.

“This summer, I supported two business units while supporting the compensation department including Cloud & Cognitive Software and Global Business Services. I also supported the research group while working within the recognition department,” Williams said. “I was also assigned a Summer Sprint Team project where I collaborated with three other interns and was tasked with identifying offerings within IBM that we could adapt towards the improvement of employee total motivation, the intrinsic motivation felt within employees that encourages them to adapt and innovate within their roles while concurrently mitigating the negative emotional and economic stressors they may experience.”

Due to the pandemic, Williams had to work remotely during his internship. However, he did not let this hinder his attitude, as he stayed positive and appreciated gaining real-world working experience.

“From that experience, I learned the mentality you bring with you to work makes all the difference,” he said. “I was able to find the positives of working remotely, rather than dwell on the negative. Working remotely allowed me to get insight into people’s lives I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten and increased my appreciation for the connections I was able to make.”

Williams also said that while working remotely, he learned the importance of frequent communication with coworkers.

“As it relates to my daily work, the experience taught me the importance of maintaining frequent communication with my managers and co-workers in an effort to ensure everyone was on the same page and to make sure I was performing in alignment with my manager’s expectations,” he said. 

Williams said that the knowledge and skills that he took away from his time at the Moore School, especially in the Master of Human Resources program, helped him excel in his internship position and has prepared him for the workforce.

“Because of the MHR program, I now understand the intricacies and best practices surrounding business law, can create a compensation structure from the ground up, understand the complexities of expatriation and can speak the language of business,” Williams said.

Going through the Master of Human Resources program built upon the already existing business foundation that Williams had from his undergraduate experience. Williams said that the program has helped him connect the dots and develop his skillset as it relates to different business functions.

“The MHR program prepared me to be a business professional first and an HR professional second, which is vital for being an impactful leader,” he said. “I am grateful for the education I received from the Moore School — I can honestly say I feel the Master of Human Resources program has not only prepared me to enter the workforce but has given me the skills, connections and confidence necessary for sustaining me well into my career.”

Williams plans to continue utilizing those skills as he resumes his professional journey at IBM and hopes to one day participate in an international assignment.

-Claire McGrath

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