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Q&A: Get to know your 2017-2018 SIPA student officers

Find out more about Hannah Gale, SIPA president from Clarke Central HS (Athens, Ga.); Sydney Tisdale, SIPA vice president from Richland Northeast HS (Columbia, S.C.); Emma Strickland, SIPA member-at-large from First Flight HS (Kill Devil Hills, N.C.) and Thomas Hart, SIPA member-at-large from Fort Mill HS (Fort Mill, S.C.).

Student officers are responsible for planning the convention theme, logo, student entertainment and shirt design at the fall Executive Board meeting in September.

What is your favorite thing about SIPA?

Hannah: Meeting people my age with the same interest in journalism as I do, and just being able to talk about our publications and learn from each other.
Sydney: I love meeting new kids and advisers who have a similar interest as me. During this time we get to celebrate and share those similarities which is what I really enjoy about it.
Emma: My favorite thing about SIPA is the exchange of ideas between young journalists from the different staffs throughout the Southeastern region of the United States. I always get great ideas from others to take back and implement in my staff and also share suggestions with others. SIPA really is a great time to learn and help others learn!
Thomas: Competing and meeting with people that have the same interests as you.

What is your favorite SIPA memory?

Hannah: Running for SIPA president and delivering my speech at the 2017 convention.
Sydney: One of my favorite memories was being on the TOP team and actually going through the real-life process of a reporter which was getting an assignment done in almost under 24 hours.
Emma: My favorite SIPA memory has been several of the sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed the session done by James Tatter. It truly showed me how much you can accomplish as a young journalist as well as how you can carry your passion of journalism over into your college experience. One of the other memorable sessions was the one done by CJ Lake, social media strategist for the University of South Carolina. That presentation really opened up my eyes to the different careers and professions there were other than the conventional journalism careers. SIPA has some great sessions and they are always memorable for me!
Thomas: My favorite memory would have to be talking to other students about their shows and then watching their shows throughout the year.

As a senior, what do you look forward to this year?

Hannah: Meeting people who may be going to the same college I am.
Sydney: I look forward to being successful and making this year and all my work count and leave a mark/impact on my school.
Emma: Since I am a senior, I am most looking forward to the senior sessions. I am interested to see what the topics are this year and for getting more prepared for college. In life in general, I am looking forward to seeing where everyone ends up going to college as the acceptance letters roll in later in the year.
Thomas: I look forward to producing the best yearbook and shows.

What publication are you a member of, and what is your position?

Hannah: Sports Editor of the ODYSSEY Media Group.
Sydney: I am a part of RNE-TV; I'm an anchor and reporter and also work the news show.
Emma: I am the co-editor-in-chief of the Shorelines yearbook.
Thomas: I am part of Yejacka, our school yearbook, as a third semester student and the co-editor of the book this year. I also participate as a co-anchor in The Buzz TV, our award-winning broadcast.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Hannah: My hair has been six different colors
Sydney: I hate celery!
Emma: A fun fact about me is that I have wanted to do yearbook since I was in kindergarten! I was looking at the yearbook that my mom was editor-in-chief of, and I exclaimed that I would be editor as well.
Thomas: I am a three-year varsity member of the Golf team.

What is your dream job?

Hannah: Owning my own business.
Sydney: My dream job is to be an Early Childhood Educator, preferably kindergarten or first grade.
Emma: My dream job is to practice media law.
Thomas: An on-air talent for ESPN.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

Hannah: Unicorn.
Sydney: Probably a giraffe.
Emma: I would love to have a flamingo.
Thomas: Sloth, because they chill 24/7.

What’s your favorite candy or sweet?

Hannah: Gummy Worms.
Sydney: I love sour gummy worms.
Emma: I love funnel cakes.
Thomas: Sour patch kids.

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