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College of Information and Communications

2025 - Risk (of) Communication

Conclave 2025: “Risk (of) Communication”
Location: Sardinia, Italy and Carloforte, Italy
Date: May 10 - 13, 2025


We invite scholars who are Affiliates with the GSCC (this includes affiliates, professional advisory board members, steering committee, executives, and our Institutional Affiliates) to submit abstracts that explore the varied complexities of risk communication, including but not limited to: The concept of risk (of) communication emphasizes the necessity of communicating risks and acknowledges the potential risks built in the communication process itself. These risks may include the amplification of fear, the misinterpretation of information, and the dissemination of misinformation. Projects outside the Conclave theme are also invited, especially those relevant to ethics and futurism, as we are the original futures conference in strategic communication.

  • The role of emerging technologies in determining risk communication strategies;
  • The ethical dimensions of strategic communication;
  • Futuristic challenges in strategic communication;
  • Risk and disaster communications germane to island communities and public sector organizations in risk planning;
  • The role of leadership in developing effective practices;
  • The cultural factors influencing risk perception, communication preferences, and response behaviors;
  • Innovative approaches in global strategic communication;
  • Risks associated with technological innovations and corresponding social changes;
  • The psychological mechanisms underlying risk perception and decision-making;
  • The benefits, ethics, and challenges of engaging communities in the issues management or risk communication process;
  • Futurism, development, and global factors influencing communication;
  • Trends and scenarios that may shape future risks and ethical strategic communication.
  • Measurement and evaluation of risk communication effectiveness.
  • Abstracts outside of the conference theme are also welcomed and encouraged.

To facilitate program preparation, we invite you to submit a competitive abstract to one of the three categories:

  1. Completed Research Paper. For those who have finalized their research endeavors and wish to present their findings comprehensively.
  2. Research in Progress. For researchers in the midst of ongoing investigations, this offers an opportunity to share the work, receive valuable input, and establish connections.
  3. Concept Talk. This innovative format serves as focused discussions aimed at collectively exploring challenging ideas. Those leading Concept Talks should submit an abstract rooted in secondary research, serving as an introduction to pertinent concepts, prior research outcomes, future research directions, and the critical questions surrounding a specific topic. Conclave participants will contribute thought-provoking perspectives to address these issues. Through this approach, we aspire to encourage strategic communication professionals to proactively contemplate future challenges rather than merely responding reactively to them. This innovative format embodies our commitment to fostering collaborative thinking and advancing the field.

Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract Length: Abstracts in all three submission categories should not exceed 350 words, including references.
  • Important Requirements: Paper category should be identified on the cover sheet (completed research/in progress/concept talk). The abstracts cannot be submitted to or presented at another conference. No more than two submissions (co-author or independent) per author.
  • Presentation Format: At the Conclave, we eschew PowerPoint, preferring to rely predominantly on verbal presentation and group discussion in a small think tank environment. Participants should actively engage in listening and discussion, offering feedback on presentations/talks.
  • Authors: At the Conclave space is limited, so multiple-author papers will normally be presented by our affiliate member for group discussion. Our small-group, invitation  format allows a high level of feedback and maximizes interaction.
  • Competition and Waitlist: Conclave abstracts will be judged competitively and once slots are full we may offer a waitlist in which you would be offered presentation at a later date on a rolling basis during planning.
  • Style: Follow the 7th edition APA style. Changes to APA 7th edition can be found here: APA Changes 7th Edition

Please submit your papers electronically to the Conference Director through the website: attach a MS Word document (no pdfs) of 1) cover page with id and 2) Abstract.

Papers presented at the GSCC can be submitted for special consideration in the journal special issue(s) and publications to be announced at the Conclave.


Deadline for Submission: October 17, 2024.

Note: This conference is an invitation-only conclave of thought leaders in Sardinia, Italy, on May 10 - 13, 2025. Members are invited for competitive submissions and should be reasonable sure they can travel to Sardinia for presentation. Staying the entire event is encouraged and arrival should be no later than May 10.

Abstract Competition Reply Date (via email): November 17, 2024.

Registration Information

Please register for the Conclave immediately using the information provided in your Conclave acceptance email. Registration will close November 25, 2024.

We thank our event sponsors for once again allowing us to have a nominal registration fee -- the lowest in the discipline!

Hotel Information

Please reserve your hotel using the information provided in your Conclave acceptance email.

Submitters should plan on attending the entire Conclave, as we will have a location change to another island included in our Conclave program. Arrival on Sardinia May 10 is encouraged.

For the latest updates, please visit and follow us on X: @GlobalStratComm.

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