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College of Information and Communications

Social Media

SIPA connects with members through various social media platforms. Each platform allows us to communicate and engage in different ways, whether through curating resources, creating digital content or directly sharing advice.

Picks of the week

Each Wednesday on this page, we will feature a new pick of the week on two of our social media platforms.

Check to see if we pick your photo as our "Insta of the Week." Just tag us in any action or creative journalistic photos. Show everyone what you and your staff are doing!

Our "Pin of the Week" will relate to a current event or will offer concepts for you to integrate into your journalism production. The pin of the week will lead to new ideas on our other boards as well!

Interact with SIPA

Want to show off what your students have been working on? Curious to see other schools’ work space or process? We’re looking for some enthusiastic members to take over the SIPA Snapchat. Interested members will gain access to the SIPA account for 24-48 hours to show a day (or two) in the life of their classes and publications (or broadcasts). Afterward, we’ll save the Snapchat story as a video and share it. Apply online now!

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SIPA's Facebook account includes updates on trends, news articles, awards announcements and opportunities of interest to members.

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SIPA's Flickr account includes collections of photos from events and conventions. Students and advisers are encouraged to submit photos so we can include them in the collections!

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Each week we select an "Insta of the Week" to feature on our Social Media page. SIPA's Instagram account features announcements and behind-the-scenes work and spotlights students and work from across the Southeast.

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Each week we select a "Pin of the Week" to feature on our Social Media page. SIPA uses Pinterest to curate resources, information and inspiration for its member publications. Boards range from Diverse Coverage to Photography to Blogging and more.

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SIPA's Spotify account allows you a backstage pass into the office atmosphere. You can connect with each other and with our SIPA family by creating playlists. We create playlists for different moods – writing, SIPA roadtrip, the SIPA dance, etc. Follow us and make your own SIPA playlist so we can listen in!

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SIPA's Snapchat allows us to connect with you instantaneously. You can apply to show off your production room to other SIPA members and run a SIPA Snapchat takeover for 48 hours.

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SIPA's Twitter account provides up-to-date information about deadlines, announcements and other fun digital content.

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SIPA's YouTube account has channels for TOP competition submissions, Snapchat takeovers and office projects.

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