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College of Information and Communications

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Jacob Long, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: School of Journalism and Mass Communications
College of Information and Communications
Office: School of Journalism and Mass Communications
800 Sumter Street, Room 324
Columbia, SC 29208
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Jacob Long


B.A. with Honors, Political Science, Rhodes College
M.A., Communication, The Ohio State University
Ph.D., Communication, The Ohio State University


Dr. Jacob Long studies political communication and quantitative research methodology with a special interest in partisanship and social identity. His work considers both mass and interpersonal communication and how the two affect one another. Recent research focuses on how routine media use and social relationships combine to prevent (and sometimes promote) change in political identities.

Long also researches and works to popularize statistical and computational methods for social science research. Among this work is a trio of popular packages for R, the statistical software, which help to analyze data and present one's results.


Long teaches courses in mass communication and research methods. His courses are generally built around scaffolded and low-stakes assignments which lead to a final, more substantial project or paper. Dr. Long emphasizes the development of scientific and quantitative reasoning in students.

Recent Publications

Long, J. A., Jeong, M. S., & Lavis, S. M. (Forthcoming). Political comedy as a gateway to news use, internal efficacy, and participation: A longitudinal mediation analysis. Human Communication Research.

Garrett, R. K., Long, J. A., & Jeong, M. S. (2019). From partisan media to misperception: Affective polarization as mediator. Journal of Communication, 69, 490–517.

Long, J. A., Eveland, W. P., Jr., & Slater, M. D. (2019). Partisan media selectivity and partisan identity threat: the role of social and geographic context. Mass Communication and Society, 22, 145–170.

Long, J. A., & Eveland, W. P., Jr. (2018). Entertainment use and political ideology: Linking worldviews to media content. Communication Research.


Long was born and raised in Pontiac, Illinois. He lived in Memphis, Tennessee as an undergraduate before coming back to the Midwest to get his PhD. He is a major sports fan and rarely misses a Chicago White Sox game on TV. When not at work, you will typically find him (with cats Felix and Oskar) peering out his window at the local birds.

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