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College of Information and Communications

Faculty and Staff

Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Title: Educational Foundation Distinguished Professor
Department: School of Journalism and Mass Communications
College of Information and Communications
Phone: 803-777-4614
Office: School of Journalism and Mass Communications
800 Sumter Street, Room 326
Columbia, SC 29208
Resources: Curriculum Vitae
Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

Dr. Fitzpatrick is on research leave for the 2018-2019 academic year.


B.A., Political Science, Temple University
Ph.D., Communication, Temple University


Dr. Mary Anne Fitzpatrick's research interests lie in communication theory, health communication, persuasion, nonverbal communication and interaction in social and personal relationships. She has published over 100 articles and book chapters in communication, clinical and social psychology, and sociology journals and books.


Fitzpatrick has taught introductory through doctoral level courses in a wide variety of topics, including courses in communication theory; interviewing; persuasion and social influence; nonverbal, interpersonal and health communication; theory construction; research methods; and various special topics. She was appointed to the first class of the University of Wisconsin Teaching Academy, has served as a mentor in the Lilly Fellows Teaching Excellence program, and received awards from the Panhellenic and Intrafraternity Council at the University of Wisconsin.

Recent Publications

Fitzpatrick, M. A., & Say, E. A. (2017). From the desk of the dean: The history and future of arts and sciences education. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press.

Fitzpatrick, M. A., “The Confucius Institute Across the State of South Carolina.” President’s Forum. 12th Global Confucius Institute Conference, 13 Dec. 2017, Xi'an, China.

Koerner, A. F., & Fitzpatrick, M. A. (2017). Family communication patterns theory: a social-cognitive approach. In D. O. Braithwaite & L. A. Baxter (2 Eds.) Engaging theories in family communication: Multiple perspectives (pp. 142-153). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Cox, E.D., Smith, M. A., Brown, R. L., & Fitzpatrick, M.A. (2009). Learning to participate: effect of child age and parental education on participation in pediatric visits. Health Communication, 24(3): 249-258.

Cox, E. D., Smith, M. A., Brown, R. L., & Fitzpatrick, M. A. (2008). Assessment of the physician-caregiver relationship scales (PCRS). Patient Education and Counseling, 70(1): 69-78.

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