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College of Information and Communications

True grit

MMC and health communication certificate alumna Sara Sinclair wants to help people live a healthy lifestyle and improve their food mindset through her business, Get Gritty Nutrition. 

In 2019, she discovered the power of tracking macronutrients — also known as carbs, fat and protein. With moderate exercise, tracking macronutrients allowed her to ditch fad diets and over-exercising and reach new fitness goals she had never dreamed of. 

Now she teaches her clients how to track their macros and creates personalized daily plans to help them live a healthy lifestyle through balance and moderation. 

Sinclair loves “blowing people’s minds” with the results that this non-restrictive diet yields. “I’m eating more food more frequently and have lost five pants sizes,” she says. She credits former SJMC Director Andrea Tanner for much of her success. Tanner served as Sinclair’s mentor during her time at the university and is now a two-year client of hers. Sinclair hopes to make Get Gritty Nutrition her full-time job and continue helping others become happy and healthy. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.