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Joseph F. Rice School of Law

Resident Faculty

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Baker, Janice Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7737 Diversity and Inclusion,Faculty (Resident),Administration,Faculty
Faculty Bauries, Scott Professor of Law 803-777-5662 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Black, Derek W. Professor of Law Carolina Distinguished Professor 803-777-9652 Faculty (Resident),Faculty,Constitutional Law Center
Faculty Boyd, Marie C. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-2851 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Brackmann, Daniel A. Reference Librarian 803-777-3361 Faculty,Law Library,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Brooks, Meghan Assistant Professor of Law Veterans Legal Clinic Director 803-777-8904 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Brown, Josie F. Professor Emerita of Law 803-777-6963 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Brown, Kevin Mitchell Willoughby Professor of Law Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Brown, Megan Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian 803-777-6021 Access Services Law Library,Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Carducci, David Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7763 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Chambliss, Elizabeth Henry Harman Edens Professor of Law Director, NMRS Center on Professionalism 803-777-9942 Faculty,NMR&S Center on Professionalism,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Cherry, Jaclyn A. Professor of Law 803-777-3394 Clinics, Clinical Legal Education Faculty (Resident),Faculty,Clinics
Faculty Crocker, Thomas P. Professor of Law N. Heyward Clarkson Professorship 803-777-4790 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Cross, Jesse M. Professor of Law 803-777-1412 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Davis, Tessa R. Professor of Law 803-777-6809 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Eagle, Josh Solomon Blatt Professor of Law 803-777-2486 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Eichhorn, Lisa A. Director of Legal Writing & Professor of Law 803-576-6776 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Fox, Jacqueline R. Professor of Law 803-777-8192 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Glenn, Aaron Reference Librarian 803-777-4334 Faculty (Resident),Faculty,Law Library
Faculty Glover, Mark Professor of Law 803-777-3704 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Harrison, James Smith, III Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-8189 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Hubbard, William C. Dean Professor of Law 803-777-6857 Deans Faculty (Resident),Faculty,Administration
Faculty Jones Havard, Cassandra Professor of Law 803-777-8295 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Kuo, Susan S. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Professor of Law & Class of 1969 Chair for Teaching Excellence 803-777-3597 Administration,Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Lane-Steele, Laura Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-6860 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Leonardi, Shelby K. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7785 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Leventis, Ami Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-5312 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Linnan, David K. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-7740 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Staff Magner, Katherine Access Services Librarian 803-777-3367 Faculty,Law Library,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Martin, Lisa V. Professor of Law 803-777-2490 Clinics Clinical Legal Education Clinics,Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Maxwell, Rebekah K. Associate Director for Library Operations 803-777-1725 Faculty (Resident),Law Library,Faculty
Faculty McWilliams, Martin C., Jr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-5639 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Means, Benjamin Professor of Law John T. Campbell Chair in Business and Professional Ethics 803-777-3616 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Medlin, S. Alan David W. Robinson Professor of Law 803-777-7465 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Miller, Colin Professor of Law & Thomas H. Pope Professorship in Trial Advocacy 803-777-6654 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Milligan, Amy Assistant Director of Legal Writing 803-777-3386 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Osborne, McKenzie Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7756 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Pereira, Cornelius Head of Technical Services 803-777-5898 Technical Services Faculty (Resident),Faculty,Law Library
Faculty Plevel, Rebecca Reference Librarian 803-576-7789 Faculty,Law Library,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Polavarapu, Aparna Professor of Law 803-777-8925 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Raj, Claire S. Professor of Law 803-777-1391 Clinics Clinical Legal Education Faculty,Faculty (Resident),Clinics
Faculty Samuels, Joel Professor of Law Director, Rule of Law Collaborative 803-777-7161 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Seiner, Joseph A. Oliver Ellsworth Professor of Federal Practice 803-777-5569 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Smith, Bryant Walker Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6880 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Snow, Ned Associate Dean for Faculty Development Ray Taylor Fair Professor of Law 803-777-8064 [faculty suite]; 803-576-6786 [Dean's Suite] Deans Faculty,Administration,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Stoughton, Seth W. Professor of Law Professor (Affiliate) of Criminology and Criminal Justice 803-777-3055 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Suski, Emily Associate Dean for Clinics and Externships Professor of Law 803-777-7735 Clinics, Clinical Legal Education, externship Clinics,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Toussaint, Etienne C. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-8178 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Virzi, Michael J. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7742 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Wallace, Clinton G. Professor of Law 803-777-6594 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Wasilczuk, Madalyn K. Assistant Professor of Law Clinics,Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Wester, Candle M. Interim Director of the Law Library Associate Director for Faculty Services and Administration 803-777-7229 Law Library,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Wilcox, Robert M. Dean Emeritus Professor of Law 803-777-6112 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Winston, Emily R. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6591 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Zug, Marcia A. Miles and Ann Loadholt Professor of Family Law 803-777-3615 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)

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