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Joseph F. Rice School of Law

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Law School Scholarships

Merit scholarship awards are made on a rolling basis. We encourage you to submit a complete admissions application by the March 1 priority deadline.

Law scholarships are merit-based and awarded by the law school — no applications are required. 

Through support from the University's Board of Trustees, the legislature, and the generosity of alumni and friends of the Joseph F. Rice School of Law, merit scholarship funds are available to offer financial assistance to highly qualified applicants. Joseph F. Rice School of Law scholarships can range from a modest amount to the occasional award that approaches full resident tuition. Qualified non-resident students may receive a scholarship that includes a tuition reduction that significantly reduces tuition. We make a scholarship commitment to entering students that is maintained for all three years of law school. Our scholarships are not conditional upon attaining a particular GPA or class rank, however, students must maintain good academic standing. 

Carolina Law Research Scholars (South Carolina Residents)

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Attracting the State's Top Scholars

The Carolina Law Research Scholar program enables South Carolina residents attending the University of South Carolina Joseph F. Rice School of Law to access our top scholarship programs for their 1L year, receive a full tuition and fee waiver for the 2L and 3L years, and earn a stipend while engaged in research or projects with law faculty or other personnel in areas of interest to them. 

A scholarship for the 1L year from a named scholarship account,

Waiver of resident tuition and fees for the 2L and 3L year (four semesters),

Waiver of seat deposit with acceptance of offer,

Recognition and activities with alumni and faculty, and

Stipend of $200 per week for 4 semesters, Fall and Spring, 2L and 3L year.

Eligible candidates are admitted to the School of Law, meet the South Carolina requirements to be classified as a resident in the 1L year, and meet or exceed published academic standards for that admissions cycle. For the 2024 admissions cycle, the academic standards are:

  • 163 on the Law School Admission Test and
  • 3.70 minimum cumulative UGPA, as reflected on the Law School Admission Council’s Credential Assembly Service Report.

Eligible admitted candidates will be invited to opt into the Scholars program at the point of admission.  

Interested candidates are encouraged to complete their applications before December 1. Candidates selected will have a reasonable period of time to accept the binding award or to request consideration for a traditional scholarship. If funds are available, offers will be made until all seats are filled.

Candidates that are selected for this honor are not required to submit a seat deposit but must sign a binding intent to matriculate. Candidate is committed to attending the University of South Carolina Joseph F. Rice School of Law and must withdraw all other law school applications within five calendar days of accepting the Carolina Law Research Scholar award. Candidate must also refrain from submitting any new law school applications through September 1 of the following fall. The recipient cannot defer an acceptance to a future year. Scholars must remain in good academic standing with the School of Law to retain these benefits. Candidates who choose this option must meet the weekly research requirement during the 2L and 3L year to retain the tuition and fee waiver and stipend.

External Scholarships

Scholarships are also available from sources outside the law school, such as bar associations, churches, fraternal organizations, non-profit foundations, or your or your parents' employer. We encourage you to check with any membership organization with which you or your family may have a connection. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has a comprehensive list of non-institutional scholarships linked here on their website. 

AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit organization committed to helping students find their path to a legal education, developed a scholarship databank with nearly 800 vetted scholarship opportunities for aspiring and current law students. Visit their website to access the databank. 

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