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Joseph F. Rice School of Law


Testimonials from Previous Leadership Classes

I enjoyed working through a leadership problem that we will likely face some day (although the stakes won't be as high in real life). I enjoyed the brainstorming, discussion, and listening to the plans everyone else came up with. It gave me insight on how I handle problems and how others with different leadership skills handle problems.


I really like doing the leadership style/personality tests. They make you reflect on what drives you and shows you what drives the different personalities one encounters.


I learned about my leadership style. I learned how others lead and what triggers them. I learned about how followers view leaders. I learned about team dynamics. And I learned about problem solving from the firm theft case study.


This program provided me an opportunity to work in a group setting that I had not previously experienced in law school. This allowed me to further develop my group-leadership skills, and improve my skills for working in a group. I also gained insight as to my strengths as a leader and areas in which I need improvement. The program allowed valuable insight for ways to improve my weaknesses in the future.


The speakers during this session were openly shared their relevant experience as lawyers and leaders. I appreciated hearing the experiences of lawyers from large firm and small firm backgrounds and the way they managed clients and projects. They communicated as though they knew what the other person would discuss — it was a natural conversation and not dictated or forced. I enjoyed the case study portion of the program the most, … the discussion of ideas and problem-solving. I also liked that the presenters actively participated in our case study discussion.


I learned that leadership takes a team, working together with different communication types can be challenging but it makes for great results.


 … I thought the program was a fantastic success and I truly enjoyed it.

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