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Joseph F. Rice School of Law

    Veterans Legal Clinic

    The Veterans Legal Clinic is dedicated to lifting barriers to benefits access for former servicemembers and their families across South Carolina.


    There are approximately 400,000 veterans living in South Carolina, many of whom have served in combat zones across the world. Many of these veterans weather employment, healthcare, and housing insecurity when they return home and attempt to reintegrate into their families and communities. Federal and state veterans benefits programs are designed to provide holistic support specifically attuned to their needs. Yet too often, marginalized veterans — especially veterans with mental health disabilities — face barriers to benefits access that only legal representation can lift.  

    To address this demand, the University of South Carolina School of Law has created the Veterans Legal Clinic to counsel and represent South Carolina veterans and their families, and to train the next generation of lawyers to capably serve those who have served us.  

    The work of the Veterans Legal Clinic has been funded by grants from the South Carolina Bar Foundation and the Boeing Foundation, and by the State of South Carolina. 

    For Veterans Seeking Help

    The Clinic is currently taking on a limited number of South Carolina clients seeking to appeal recent or older VA benefits denials, including but not limited to denials related to disability compensation, pension, dependency and indemnity compensation, GI Bill, healthcare access, and overpayments.   

    To find out if your legal problem is one that can be solved by the clinic, you may call 803-777-3398 to make an appointment and speak to someone in-person. After gathering some basic information from you and completing the screening process, the Clinic will assess whether we will offer to represent you in your case. The Clinic takes on only the number of clients its staff and students can vigorously represent.  

    The Clinic operates on a year-round basis, and the services offered through the clinic are free to qualifying veterans and/or members of their family. However, clients may be responsible for paying certain costs necessary to pursuing claims, such as filing and expert fees.  

    Veterans whose cases have been accepted will be represented by South Carolina Law students enrolled in the Clinic and working under the guidance of Clinical Director Meghan E. Brooks, a VA-accredited attorney. Students will adhere to South Carolina Supreme Court's Student Practice Rule. When classes are not in session, the clinic director and staff will ensure that cases continue to move forward.  

    In addition to the Veterans Legal Clinic, there are many other community resources available that offer assistance to veterans living in South Carolina, including:

    The Veterans and Military Services team can help you navigate the unique experience of balancing student and service life. They help address questions, assist with benefit requirements and connect you to campus resources exclusively for veterans and military.


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