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Meet Our Ambassadors

USC School of Law student ambassadors are current law students who are dedicated to helping potential and incoming law students make the transition to law school as smooth as possible. 

Have questions about student life at University of South Carolina School of Law? Looking to get some candid advice from a student’s perspective on being a law student, activities at USC, or living in Columbia? Our student ambassadors are here to help guide you and answer any questions you might have as you make your decision about applying to and attending South Carolina School of Law. 

Student Ambassador Background Why I Chose USC School of Law

Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell, Class of 2024

Sumter, SC 

Wofford College 

Government and Humanities, Minor in Business 

Area of Legal Interest:
Civil Litigation, Health Law, Governmental 

Why USC Law: I chose to attend USC Law because of its excellent reputation and alumni, its plethora of opportunities within the school and Columbia, and its proximity to home and where I would like to practice. 

Favorite Things about Columbia: Growing up a Gamecock fan is definitely attending USC games. Also, it is a unique privilege to learn about the law a few blocks from the State House and Supreme Court. 

Advice to Incoming 1Ls: Treat law school like a job and take advantage of the academic support staff, tutors, etc. 

Sara Mays

Sara Mays, Class of 2024

Lexington, SC

University of Oklahoma 

Journalism, Public Relations 

Area of Legal Interest:
Children's Law, Cybersecurity 

Why USC Law: I chose USC Law because of the dedication the law school upholds to serve children and younger generations in the local community. The Children's Law Concentration has allowed me to explore various areas of practice within the Children's Law Arena and dip my toes in different sectors of the law profession. 

Favorite Things About Columbia: You can practically take your dog anywhere. 

Advice to incoming 1Ls: Stay in your lane and focus on what you can do to be at your personal best, not what others are doing! It's so easy to fall into the comparison game, but doing what's best for you will ulitmately lead you to success! 

Abby Klass

Abby Klass, Class of 2024

Greenville, SC

Bob Jones University

Journalism and Mass Communication

Area of Legal Interest:
Government Relations, Politics, Litigation

Why USC Law: I chose USC Law based on the high level of academic and career success as well as the overall environment of the law school.  My time spent here has only solidified that I made the right decision! The professors have been absolutely wonderful and my peers I’ve met along the way have become some of my closest friends.

Favorite Things About Columbia: Columbia has proved to be a great city to live in with plenty of career opportunities, especially for someone like me who is interested in government and politics.  I also love living in close proximity to my friends and doing things with them whether it be walking the River Walk, getting together for a trivia night, or trying a new restaurant!  

Advice to incoming 1Ls: My advice to 1Ls would be to not be too hard on yourself.  Law school brings together incredibly talented people from all over the country and so it can be hard coming from undergrad where getting good grades and such might have been “easier” - grades in law school are definitely more difficult. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes or hard days, create a plan to ensure better success next time, and then move on.  Your peers and professors will become your greatest source of encouragement in this area.

Elizabeth Pritchard

Elizabeth Pritchard, Class of 2024

Moseley, VA

Virginia Tech

Political science and criminology 

Area of Legal Interest:
Family law 

Why USC Law: I knew law school was going to be hard and that I would need a good support system. On my tour students told me that everyone was super friendly here and it was nothing like the horror stories you see about law school on tv of people ripping pages out of books. Although we are of course all competing against each other we are all cheering each other on and helping each other out along the way. 

Favorite Things About Columbia: I love how much there is to do. My favorites are Gamecock football, the Soda City Farmers market, and trying all the great restaurants. 

Advice to incoming 1Ls: Work hard but don't forget to take care of yourself first. The most important thing you will take away from law school is the relationships you make so really make the effort to get to know your classmates and professors! 

Taylor Campbell

Taylor Campbell, Class of 2024

Elberton, GA

Emmanuel College

Organizational Communication

Area of Legal Interest:
Public Policy, Intergovernmental Affairs, Foreign/Domestic Policy, Political Analysis

Why USC Law: Growing up, I always dreamed of going to USC. After deciding to pursue law school, I chose USC Law not only with the hopes of fulfilling that dream but also because of the incredible atmosphere the law school offers.

Favorite Things About Columbia: My favorite things about Columbia include Soda City Market, Cantina 76, the West Columbia Riverwalk, and strolls around campus!

Advice to incoming 1Ls: Law School is what you make it! Make time for things you enjoy and create room in your schedule for the things that refill your cup so that you can pour out your best each day! Get involved, stay active, push yourself, and enjoy this crazy time in your life because it will go by so quickly!

Luca Neuhaus

Luca Neuhaus, Class of 2024

Düsseldorf, Germany 

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar, Germany   

International Business/Management 

Area of Legal Interest:
Immigration/Business Law 

Why USC Law: I chose USC Law due to my initial feeling about the school when I reached out, the great support from the admissions team, and because I wanted to be in SC. Also, USC Law has a great building and is quickly moving up in the ranks, showing the commitment to the school from both faculty and students.

Favorite Things About Columbia: Columbia is a great city to be in as a student. It is well connected to business & politics as it is the state's capital and small, yet not too small, to easily find your way around. I enjoy the football games and if you feel like it, you can always take a day trip to the beach.

Advice to incoming 1Ls: Don't stress too much, everything will work out and you wouldn't be here if you weren't qualified. 

Cooper Branham

Cooper Branham, Class of 2024

Simpsonville, SC

Clemson University

Undergrad Major:

Area of legal interest:
Patent, IP, Data privacy, Environmental

Why USC Law: I chose USC Law because alumni reached out to me and helped me make connections with lawyers in areas of law, I am interested in. The community was a big part in the school I chose.

Favorite Things About Columbia: The weather.

Advice to incoming 1Ls: Don't compare yourself to others. Do your best because that is all you can do. 

Rita Avila

Rita Avila, Class of 2024

Charleston, SC 

The Citadel 

Criminal Justice

Area of Legal Interest:
Legislative/Law Enforcement

Why USC Law: I am a non-traditional student. After graduating from The Citadel in 2003, I had an 18-year law enforcement career with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. I chose The University of South Carolina School of Law because of its strong reputation among the legal community. 

Advice to incoming 1Ls:  Whether you have just graduated undergrad or have professional experience, law school is tough. Work hard and be prepared to adapt but take time to decompress. You can do this!


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