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School of Law

Professors Aparna Polavarapu and Josh Gupta-Kagan.

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty aren't just professors who care about teaching the next generation of lawyers. They're also frequently-cited subject matter experts and thought leaders who are up-to-date with current legal trends.

Recent & Forthcoming Faculty Scholarship

Duncan Alford

Duncan Alford

Associate Dean for the Law Library and Professor of Law

The Operation of Supervisory Colleges After the Single Supervisory Mechanism of the European Banking Union, 136 BANKING LAW JOURNAL 65 (2019).

How to Ensure Your Supervisory College Meeting Is an Abysmal Failure, BNA BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES POLICY REPORT (Oct. 2018). 

Derek Black

Derek Black

Professor of Law and Class of 1959 Chair for Legal Research

Educational Gerrymandering: Money, Motives, and Constitutional Rights, 94 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming 2020).

The Right to Education, Equal Opportunity, and the Schoolhouse Gate, 128 YALE LAW JOURNAL __(forthcoming 2019) (review essay with Michelle Adams).

The Fundamental Right to Education, 94 NOTRE DAME LAW REVIEW 1059 (2019).

Preferencing Educational Choice: The Constitutional Limits, 103 CORNELL LAW REVIEW 1359 (2018).  [SSRN]

The Constitutional Compromise to Guarantee Education, 70 STANFORD LAW REVIEW 735 (2018).  [SSRN]

Marie Boyd

Marie C. Boyd

Assistant Professor of Law

Serving Up Allergy Labeling: Mitigating Food Allergen Risks in Restaurants, 97 OREGON LAW REVIEW 109 (2018). [SSRN]

Gender, Race & the Inadequate Regulation of Cosmetics, 30 YALE JOURNAL OF LAW & FEMINISM 275 (2018). [SSRN]

ladson boyle

Ladson F. Boyle

Charles E. Simons, Jr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Federal Law

BLATTMACHR ON INCOME TAXATION OF ESTATES AND TRUSTS (with Jonathan G. Blattmachr) (17th ed. 2018 PLI).

IRD and Charities: The Separate Share Regulations and the Economic Effect Requirement, 52 REAL PROPERTY, TRUST AND ESTATE LAW JOURNAL 369 (2018) (with Jonathan G. Blattmachr).

Planning Opportunities with ESBTs: Saving State and Local Income Taxes, 129 JOURNAL OF TAXATION 20 (2018) (with Jonathan G. Blattmachr and Mitchell M. Gans).

Elizabeth Chambliss

Elizabeth Chambliss

Professor of Law; Director of the Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough Center on Professionalism

Evidence-Based Lawyer Regulation, 97 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming, 2019).

Marketing Legal Assistance, 148 DAEDALUS 98 (2019). [LINK]

Jaclyn Cherry

Jaclyn A. Cherry

Associate Professor of Law

Nonprofit Governance: Who Should Be Watching? A Look at State, Federal and Dual Regulation, 13 OHIO STATE BUSINESS LAW JOURNAL 145 (2019). [SSRN]

Commercial Activity and the Operational Test, 29 TAXATION OF EXEMPTS (2018) (invited).

Property Tax Exemption for Charitable Nonprofit Organizations: A Uniform Possibility, 18 WAKE FOREST JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW 1 (2018). [LINK]

Thomas Crocker

Thomas P. Crocker

Professor of Law


Constitutions, Rule Following, and the Crisis of Constraint, 24 LEGAL THEORY 3 (2018) (with M. Hodges) (peer review).

Jesse Cross

Jesse M. Cross

Assistant Professor of Law

The Staffer's Error Doctrine, 56 HARVARD JOURNAL ON LEGISLATION 101 (2018).

When Courts Should Ignore Statutory Text, 26 GEORGE MASON LAW REVIEW __ (forthcoming).

Tessa Davis

Tessa R. Davis

Assistant Professor of Law

Freezing the Future: Elective Egg Freezing and the Limits of the Medical Expense Deduction, 107 KENTUCKY LAW JOURNAL 373 (2019). [SSRN] 

A Human Capital Theory of Alimony and Tax, 25 GEORGE MASON LAW REVIEW  350 (2018). [SSRN]

Josh Eagle

Josh Eagle

Solomon Blatt Professor of Law

Are Beach Boundaries Enforceable? Real-Time Locational Uncertainty and the Right to Exclude, 93 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW 1181 (2018). [LINK]  

Who Owned the Lucas Lots? What "No Property" Looks Like on the Beach, 53 REAL PROPERTY, TRUST & ESTATE LAW JOURNAL 90 (2018). [LINK] (PDF)

Lisa Eichhorn

Lisa A. Eichhorn

Director of Legal Writing & Professor of Law

Heated Debate and the Frozen Trucker: Argumentative Moves in Judicial Opinions Reviewing Agency Decisions, in PROCEEDINGS OF THE NINTH CONFERENCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF ARGUMENTATION 319 (Bart Garssen et al. eds., 2019). [LINK]

Ann Eisenberg

Ann M. Eisenberg

Assistant Professor of Law

Distributive Justice and Rural America, __ BOSTON COLLEGE LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming 2020). [SSRN]

 Just Transitions, 92 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW 2 (2019). [SSRN]

Rural Blight, 13 HARVARD LAW & POLICY REVIEW 187 (2019) (invited contribution). [SSRN]

Jacqueline Fox

Jacqueline R. Fox

Professor of Law

The Private Insurance Market: Not Very Big and Not Insuring Much, Either, 46 JOURNAL OF LAW MEDICINE AND ETHICS 877 (2018).  

Josh Gupta-Kagan

Josh Gupta-Kagan

Associate Professor of Law

Reevaluating School Searches Following School-to-Prison Pipeline Reforms, 87 FORDHAM LAW REVIEW 2013 (2019). [SSRN]

The Intersection Between Young Adult Sentencing and Mass Incarceration, 2018 WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW 669 (2018). [SSRN

Rethinking Family Court Prosecutors: Elected and Agency Prosecutors and Prosecutorial Discretion in Juvenile Delinquency and Child Protection Cases, 85 UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO LAW REVIEW 743 (2018). [SSRN]

Susan Kuo

Susan S. Kuo

Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion; Professor of Law and Class of 1969 Chair for Teaching Excellence

The Uneasy Case for Disaster Buyouts, in CLIMATE DISASTER LAW: BARRIERS AND OPPORTUNITIES (Rosemary Lyster & Robert R.M. Verchick, eds. 2018) (Edward Elgar). 

The Political Economy of Corporate Exit, 71 VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW 1293 (2018) (with Benjamin Means). [SSRN]

lisa martin

Lisa V. Martin

Assistant Professor of Law

Litigation as Parenting, 94 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming 2020). 

No Right to Counsel, No Access Without: The Poor Child’s Unconstitutional Catch-22, __ FLORIDA LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming 2019). [SSRN]

Restraining Forced Marriage, 18 NEVADA LAW JOURNAL 919 (2018). [SSRN]

Benjamin Means

Benjamin Means

Professor of Law

Entrepreneurial Action in Family-Controlled Companies, in THE HANDBOOK ON LAW AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE UNITED STATES (Christine Hurt and Gordon Smith eds.) __(forthcoming 2019).

The Value of Insider Control, 60 WILLIAM & MARY LAW REVIEW 891 (2019). [SSRN]


The Political Economy of Corporate Exit, 71 VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW 1293 (2018) (with Susan S. Kuo). [SSRN]

Colin Miller

Colin Miller

Associate Dean for Faculty Development; Professor of Law

The Right to Evidence of Innocence Before Pleading Guilty, U.C. DAVIS LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming).

Why States Must Consider Innocence Claims After Guilty Pleas, U.C. IRVINE LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming).

SOUTH CAROLINA CIVIL PROCEDURE (4th ed. 2019) (with Joel Samuels)(forthcoming)

Plea Agreements as Constitutional Contracts, 97 NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW 31 (2018).

David Owen

David Owen

 Carolina Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus

OWEN & DAVIS ON PRODUCTS LIABILITY (with Mary J. Davis) (4th ed. Supp. 2019).


Products Liability Law in America and Europe, in HANDBOOK OF RESEARCH ON INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER LAW, ch. 9 (with G. Howells) (2d ed. 2018).

Aparna Polavarapu

Aparna Polavarapu

Assistant Professor of Law

Global Carceral Feminism and Domestic Violence: What the West Can Learn from Reconciliation in Uganda, 42 HARVARD JOURNAL OF LAW & GENDER 123 (2019). [SSRN]

Claire Raj

Claire S. Raj

Assistant Professor of Law

Disability Law as an Agent of School Reform, 94 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming December 2019).

Coerced Choice: School Vouchers and Students with Disabilities, EMORY LAW JOURNAL __(forthcoming May 2019).

Disability, Discipline, and Illusory Student Rights, 65 UCLA LAW REVIEW 860 (2018). 

Nathan Richardson

Nathan Richardson

Associate Professor of Law

Social License to Regulate: Consumer-Producer Collusion and Related Policy Risks for Consumer-Facing Regulation, UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI LAW REVIEW (2018).

Wadie Said

Wadie E. Said

Professor of Law

Law Enforcement in the American Security State, 2019 WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming 2019).

The Continuing Salience of the Terrorism Prosecution, COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF SOUTH ASIA, AFRICA, AND THE MIDDLE EAST __(forthcoming 2019) (peer reviewed).

Limitless Discretion in the Wars on Drugs and Terror, 89 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW 93 (2018). [SSRN]

CRIMES OF TERROR (paperback, 2018).

Joel Samuels

Joel Samuels

Professor of Law; Director, Rule of Law Collaborative

SOUTH CAROLINA CIVIL PROCEDURE (with Colin Miller) (4th ed. 2019) (forthcoming)

Joseph Seiner

Joseph Seiner

Oliver Ellsworth Professor of Federal Practice


Platform Pleading, 94 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming 2019).

The Discrimination Presumption, 94 NOTRE DAME LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming, 2019).

A Modern Union for the Modern Economy, 86 FORDHAM LAW REVIEW 1727 (2018) (with J. Hirsch).

Ned Snow

Ned Snow

Ray Taylor Fair Professor of Law

Who Decides Fair Use — Judge or Jury?, 94 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW 275 (2019). [SSRN]

Denying Trademark for Scandalous Speech, 51 U.C. DAVIS LAW REVIEW 2331 (2018). [SSRN]

Seth Stoughton

Seth Stoughton

Associate Professor of Law

Police Uses of Force, in CRITICAL ISSUES IN POLICING (8th ed.) (forthcoming from Waveland Press, Fall 2019).

EVALUATING POLICE USES OF FORCE (forthcoming from NYU Press, Spring 2020).

Police Misconduct, in LEGAL ISSUES ACROSS THE GLOBE, Vol. I (Thomas Riggs, ed., 2018).[SSRN]

The Legal Framework for Evidence-Based Policing in the United States, in EVIDENCE-BASED POLICING: AN INTRODUCTION (Renée J. Mitchell & Laura Huey, eds., 2018). [SSRN]

Police Body-Worn Cameras, 96 NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW 1363 (2018). [SSRN

Emily Suski

Emily Suski

Assistant Professor of Law

The Title IX Paradox, 108 CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming, 2020).

The School Civil Rights Vacuum, 66 UCLA LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming, 2019).

The Privacy of the Public Schools, 77 MARYLAND LAW REVIEW 427 (2018). [SSRN

Clinton Wallace

Clinton Wallace

Assistant Professor of Law

Equitable Health Savings Accounts, 55 HARVARD JOURNAL ON LEGISLATION __(forthcoming 2019) (with Samuel Estreicher).

Centralized Review of Tax Regulations, 70 ALABAMA LAW REVIEW 455 (2018). [SSRN]

Shelley Welton

Shelley Welton

Assistant Professor of Law

Decarbonization in Democracy, __ UCLA LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming 2020).

Clean Energy Justice: Charting an Emerging Agenda, __HARVARD ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming 2019) (with Joel Eisen). [SSRN]

Grasping for Energy Democracy, 116 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 581 (2018). [SSRN]

Electricity Markets and the Social Project of Decarbonization, 118 COLUMBIA LAW REVIEW 1067 (2018). [SSRN]

Marcia Yablon-Zug

Marcia A. Yablon-Zug

Professor of Law

ICWA International: The Benefits and Dangers of Enacting ICWA Type Legislation in Non-U.S. Jurisdictions, 97 DENVER LAW REVIEW __(forthcoming, 2020).


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