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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

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It's true. Professors will challenge you. Their exams will be hard. And just when you think that you'll get away with simply skating by, they will hold your feet to the fire and force you to dig deeper. Work harder. Be a better you.

But there's a method to the madness. They are invested in making your dream a reality. These professors are using your college experience as a training ground for the real world, which means that assignments often reflect real-life experiences.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

And your teachers aren't just academic experts spouting words from the pages of your textbooks... they come into the classroom as seasoned industry veterans who are eager to share what they've learned through years of dedicated research and experience in the field.

I bring to the classroom true-life experiences — both mine and my students'. I'm able to give them true examples of what really happens out there. We're teaching the mechanics, but also teaching real life examples, helping them to flesh out the issues and see how they can handle it.

– Karen Edwards, J.D., Department of Retailing

Personal Connections

In the College of HRSM, personal connections are a major part of who we are. Open office doors are the norm. It doesn't matter whether our award-winning faculty are making trailblazing industry contributions through their research, or meeting with a student during office hours to provide one-on-one support — their passion for what they do is undeniable. Get to know them, because getting to know you is part of what inspires them every single day!