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Internships with Sport and Entertainment Management

The internship and practicum opportunities you will experience represent the starting point of your professional career. Supplementing the curriculum, the contacts, work experience and industry knowledge you will acquire through these real world experiences will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build a successful career.

Internship 1, SPTE 295, the first of two internship experiences that are required, occurs once all pre-professional courses have been completed (typically at the end of your sophomore year). During Internship 1, you will use your pre-professional level coursework to its fullest advantage and begin to establish or build on a network of professional contacts within the sport and entertainment industries. Internship 1 is a "total immersion experience," lasting a minimum of 13 weeks and a minimum of 520 hours. Internship 1 may be taken during the spring, summer or fall semesters depending on the cycle of business for the respective portion of the industry that you would like to work in after graduation.

Although you will learn to apply networking skills constantly throughout your Sport and Entertainment Management experience, the internship experiences afford you an opportunity to apply these skills for extended periods in challenging, real world settings in time to help with career choices prior to graduation. Based on your experiences during Internship 1, you may either continue toward the same career goals or modify them as a result of what you have learned from your exposure to the industry. Your choice of electives in your junior and senior years at Carolina should also be based on the input you receive from your industry mentor during your practicum.

Internship 2, SPTE 495, is a six (6) hour course of study and is the capstone experience for our undergraduate program. Internship 2 is taken after all other degree requirements have been satisfied.

For both SPTE 295 and SPTE 495, the course instructor, along with an on-site supervisor, will interact with you on a regular basis to assess your progress; each course requires tuition for six credit hours.

Examples of past student practicums and internships include AEG Live, All In Entertainment, the Atlanta Falcons, CNN Sports, the Carolina Panthers, Comcast-Spectacor, ESPN, Feld Entertainment, Live Nation, MSG Entertainment, the New Orleans Super Dome, the New York Knicks, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Ticketmaster, the Gamecock Club, USC Athletics, and the Washington Redskins.

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