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College of Education

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Administration and Leadership

Making decisions at the top levels of a university, school district or school requires diligence, compassion and an understanding of the needs of diverse populations, among other skills. Some of which can only be learned through direct experience. Our Educational Administration and Higher Education & Student Affairs programs prepare you for these challenges.

How do you like the idea of being a leader at a college, or agencies that address higher education planning and regulation? Do you want to go beyond the classroom and make decisions that shape school- or even state-wide policy and beyond?

Whether your goal is furthering your career or you have only recently made the decision to enter the realm of education in a supporting or leading role, we will help you gain the skills to address the needs of rapidly-diversifying campuses. Unlike most of the other programs we offer, these degrees focus on education as an enterprise. While your coursework is less focused on pedagogy, the demands of empathy, understanding and inclusion are no different; in some cases they are larger, as you must now consider a much larger sphere than the boundaries of a classroom.


Your Course Work

You will study a wide range of topics, ranging from budgeting, resource management and allocation, to the obligations that school administrations have to federal and state government and the finer points of cultural awareness and advocacy. In addition, there is also a focus on research and inquiry that will sharpen your abilities to address the needs of the populations you will serve.


Your Career

These degrees have a narrower focus than most; each degree and concentration in these programs leads to a different area of specialization or advancement:

  • Completing the Educational Administration Ed.S. program can lead to superintendent certification.
  • The Educational Administration M.Ed. program is designed to prepare you for principal certification.
  • The Higher Education and Student Affairs M.Ed. (also called HESA) prepares you to fill support and mid-level leadership roles within higher education organizations.
  • There are two career paths you can pursue once you complete the Educational Administration Ph.D.: you might choose to be an administrator in a K-12 school or at a higher education institution.
  • If you want to become a leader of a higher educational organization, the Higher Education Administration Ph.D. is your best choice.

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