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College of Education

Current Research Projects

The purpose of this project is to investigate the ways in which young adults with IDD understand, express, and contextualize their personal identity. This is inclusive of, but not exclusive to, their identity as a person with a disability.

Manuscripts to come from this research include:

Smith Hill, R. B., Plotner, A. J., Fields, A. M., & Castle, M., Perez, L. (2024, online). Exploring the personal identity of college students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Emerging Adulthood.

Plotner, A. J., Rother, Y., Smith Hill, R. B., & Walters, C. W. (in progress). Disability identity in emerging adults: A scoping literature review.

Lead Researchers: Rebecca Smith Hill, Ph.D. & Anthony J. Plotner, Ph.D.

South Carolina Pathways Project (SCPP): A Disability-led Collaborative, aims to develop, implement, refine, and evaluate a model for collaborative, seamless transition service delivery for students with disabilities as they transition through high school and into the workforce. Four goals represent critical SCPP domains: foundation and structure, implementation, evaluation, and public information.

The Center for Transition Research and Leadership will serve as evaluator for this project.

Lead Evaluator: Rebecca Smith Hill, Ph.D.

Funded: October 2023

Anticipated Completion Date: October 2028

This project aims to improve career outcomes for individuals with an intellectual disability or developmental disability through enhancing awareness around and creating concrete pathways to industry-recognized credentials (IRCs). Specifically, the project team will work to connect SC Inclusive Postsecondary Education (IPSE) programs with up-to-date resources as well as networking opportunities in order to best advise students of the various opportunities. Additionally, the team will work to bring awareness to the rigor and quality of IPSE credentials around the state in order to ensure employers understand the value of IPSE credentials.

Lead Researchers: Rebecca Smith Hill, Ph.D. & Anthony J. Plotner, Ph.D.

Funded: May 2024

Anticipated Completion Date: May 2027


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