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College of Education

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Learning Design and Technologies

From apps and tablets in the classroom to district websites and distance learning, educational technology is essential and ever-changing. This is your chance to take command and help other educators integrate and understand technology in a way that benefits everyone involved.

Do you love to stay up to date with cutting-edge advances in technology? Do you have a knack for computers and apps? Do you know "good design" when you see it?

As part of our Educational Technology programs, you will be prepared for the challenges of the ever-shifting world of technology-based learning, instruction, and training through our hands-on, project-based approach to conceptualizing, building, and deploying electronic learning methods.


Your Course Work

In addition to the concepts of design and deployment of technology-based educational systems, you will explore concepts like equity in access to technology, research as it applies to education, and resource distribution and management.


Your Career

These programs create a number of opportunities- you could easily advance your career as a classroom teacher or software trainer. Tech experts, software instructors and designers, and facilities management are just a few of the rapidly-growing number of fields that are open to you with an Educational Technology degree.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.