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College of Education

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Secondary Education (grades 9-12)

Grades 9-12, collectively referred to as Secondary Education, are some of the most challenging and rewarding for students and teachers alike- explaining concepts like advanced mathematics or literary devices to a roomful of young adults is no small task!

High school teachers are among the most fondly remembered people in our lives. Are you ready to become one?

Maybe you want to make a difference in the lives of teenagers; perhaps you have a passion for an advanced subject that you cannot help but share. Whatever it is that drives you to explore the realm of Secondary Education, we will help you be ready for the challenges ahead.


Become A Teacher

The following Secondeary Education degrees prepare degrees can lead to teacher certification in South Carolina:


Your Coursework

As part of the Secondary Education program, you will most likely choose a specialization in a particular subject- English, science, mathematics and so on. However, instead of tackling two disciplines in a single undergraduate degree, you will focus on a single subject while learning specific strategies for teaching adolescents.

If you are coming to USC to begin your undergraduate degree, or you are already at USC and in your freshmen, sophomore, or junior year, the Secondary Education B.A./B.S. plus M.T. is the program for you.

If you already have your bachelor’s degree from any institution or will be finishing your bachelor’s degree soon, the Master of Teaching in Secondary Education for Career Changers can help you reach your goal of becoming a teacher.


Your Career      

Naturally, you will more than likely go on to work in a high school. Other options do exist, primarily instructional and rehabilitative careers like training and counseling young people, but not in a classroom setting.


Scholarship Opportunities

If you are working on a bachelor’s degree in science or math and interested in becoming a high school teacher, USC’s Noyce Scholarships can help you. Qualified juniors, seniors, and Master of Teaching students can receive up to $10,000 per year, and be part of a special program to focus on your chosen subject and teaching skills.

Please email Kathy Henson at for more information on the Noyce Scholarships.

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