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Doctor of Education - STEM Education

This 100% online Ed.D. in Educational Practice and Innovation with a concentration in STEM Education is designed to prepare STEM Education leaders across varying educational settings (school, district, and state). Designed to support research-practitioners, this program focuses on investigating problems of practice in STEM Education. As part of the program, candidates will explore theory, history, and concepts within STEM education settings in order to engage in research of practice. During the dissertation process, candidates will engage in action research related to STEM Education. 

This online program is designed for professional educators who seek to:

  • Enhance their knowledge related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education.
  • Engage in and learn about action research related to STEM teaching and learning.
  • Solve significant problems of practice within educational settings related to STEM fields.
  • Engage with faculty at an R1 institution immersed in STEM education and STEM content research.
  • Leverage project-based learning (PBL) as a model for STEM practices and complete the South Carolina PBL endorsement.

What will I study?

Courses will explore theories, practice, and research across integrated science, technology, engineering and mathematics curricula. You will learn research methods in STEM education and engage in high-quality action research related to STEM teaching and learning, including: 

  • Action research methods related to applied teaching and learning
  • Current research-based practices for teaching and learning in STEM.
  • Current problems of practice related to STEM Education
  • Problem-based learning methods
  • Optional areas of focus: 
    • Problem-based learning
    • Online Teaching
    • STEAM

Special Tuition Rates

South Carolina certified teachers pay a reduced tuition rate.
Out-of-state students admitted to this program pay regular South Carolina resident tuition rate:

Tuition Rates South Carolina Certified Teachers All Other Applicants
Per Credit Hour $515* $572.25
Estimated Total Program Tuition including Fees $33,898* $37,333

*This rate applies for SC resident certified teachers completing fewer than 12 hours per semester.

These fees and rates are subject to change and are effective for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. See Specially Priced Online Degree Programs information on the fee schedule and the Graduate One Rate estimated cost to attend based on averages across all university programs.


Financial Aid

Most students in this program receive assistance through loans and other forms of aid. Complete your FAFSA to be considered for these aid programs. 



Courses are offered online in a convenient 8-week format.

Sample Program of Study (courses may vary)

60 Credit Hours

12 Credit Hour Core

  • EDCS 720 Introduction to Diversity and the Curriculum
  • EDCS 820 Advanced Study of Diversity and Curriculum
  • EDET 709 Applications of Learning Principles
  • EDLP 755 Educational Policy Analysis

15 Credit Hours in the Concentration 

  • EDTE 820 Principles of STEM Integration  
  • EDTE 827 Principles of Engineering in STEM Education 
  • EDET 722 Instructional Design and Assessment
  • EDTE 751 STEAM Instructional Design
  • EDTE 812 - Research in STEM Education

9 Cognate Hours (Possible Cognate Focus listed below)

1. Project-Based Learning

  • EDTE 740 - Introduction to Project-based Learning
  • EDTE 741 - Applications of Project-based Learning
  • EDTE 742 - Practicum in Project-based Learning

2. Online Teaching 

  • EDET 603 Design & Development Tools I
  • Select TWO from the following: 
    • EDET 705 – The Learning Experience
    • EDET 735 – Technological Application for Diverse Populations
    • EDET 793 – Advanced Instructional Design and Development
    • EDET 652 – Design and Evaluation of Games and Simulations -OR- EDET 703 – Design and Development Tools II (only one of these two will count)


  • EDTE 752 - STEAM Instructional Methods (3)
  • EDTE 753 - STEAM Assessment (3)
  • EDTE 754 - STEAM Enacted and Evaluated

4. Other Cognate based on advisor approval


12 Credit Hours in Research

  • EDRM 801 - Principles and Applications of Educational Research
  • EDTE 712 – Action Research in Teaching
  • EDRM 705 – Applied Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • EDRM 706- Applied Educational Statistics II


12 Credit Hours in Dissertation Preparation and Writing

  • EDCS 899 x 4


What is the application process like?

  • Official Transcripts
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation – Submit 2 letters of recommendation from people who can speak to your ability to matriculate into this doctoral program and complete a dissertation.
  • Personal Statement - Describe how the Ed.D. in Educational Practice and Innovation and your selected area of concentration is a good fit for you. The statement should include:
    • specific details describing how this program is a good fit for you
    • how the program supports your professional goals
    • an identified Problem of Practice for the Dissertation in Practice
    • any evidence of research methods, including action research, expertise.
  • CV or Resume
  • Recent Scholarly Writing Sample (e.g., graduate level paper from previous coursework or publication) with applicant as sole author and using American Psychological Association (APA) citations and references


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