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Inclusion on Campus


Transcript: So this is my kitchen sink. And in my dorm room. I took this picture in response to... the prompt?

The prompt, and ask us to take a picture of something that’s... is a challen- is challenging for me.

Uh... This... is challenging because I have to do the dishes and cook at the same time. And that's, that is stressful.

I also have to... do homework. So sometimes I think to myself: “I'm too tired to do this, do the dishes at night,” So I have to leave the dishes until the next morning, or the next day.

But, then, the next day is school...So, well... all of the things that- all the things to live on my own can be hard sometimes: school, work, dishes and cooking (and sometimes laundry), and everything else.

Now I know. [unintelligible] Now I know what parents feel like!

Transcript: Well, this is the riverfront. I always like to go running here. I like to run to get some exercise, I love feeling the energy. Some people come here to look at the water and take pictures. This place is special to me because it is quite amazing. I know that some people never get to experience this place, so it represents me taking a risk and trying a new place.

Transcript: I took this picture because it shows my self-determination.

It shows my walker in the mirror, which is how I get around when I am in my dorm room.

My scooter is too big, so I get around only by using my walker when I am in my room.

Also, this picture shows off my shirt and my skirt. I picked this out and bought it all by myself. It shows that I am growing and thriving. I really like this outfit.


Transcript: This photo shows me learning ways to advocate for myself and to be independent. This was taken last semester in my Agency in College class. We were learning how to take good pictures using our phones. I like this picture of me because this class is where I was learning to be more self-determined in ways I think fit my life.

I'm learning new skills most of the time. I think my life can be good. I feel good about myself.


Transcript: This is my map of UofSC that I pulled up on my phone and Google Maps. If I get lost, I just pull up my Maps and I know how to get to where I wanted to go.

Google Maps is easy for me to use, and it gives me a lot of freedom because I can go wherever I want to go. I know, well- I know that I can just pull it up in the- my Maps. And, it knows where to go.

Transcript: This is a Dutch Baby. This represents a goal that I set for myself and that my Living and Learning Lab coach, Brooke, helped me to meet. I have wanted to learn how to make one of these since I saw it on the show “Bob’s Burgers.” In my sophomore year, since I have been in college, I have been learning new recipes and cooking a lot more than I did at home.

I find when you make something yourself, it tastes better. It’s that- it’s that little bit of love.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.