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College of Education

Graduate Assistantships

The College of Education at the University of South Carolina-Columbia is seeking highly-qualified applicants for these positions.

Open Positions

Assistantship Category:

- Graduate Staff/Research Assistant

Designated Unit/Center/Project:

- Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Immediate Supervisor:

- Michelle Bryan

Position Description: (provide a brief 2-3 sentence description the position and the work entailed)

- The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion seeks a graduate assistant to provide administrative and research support for Office priorities and initiatives.  Situating their work in inclusive excellence best practices, the ODEI GA will be responsible for assisting in the development, implementation, and evaluation of student-focused programming and events, and serving as a research assistance to the Associate Dean For DEI.  We welcome applicants who bring a critical understanding of diversity from/to their own life experiences, understand the barriers facing historically marginalized groups in higher education, and have engaged in teaching, research, or service/advocacy that promotes equity and justice.

Salary: (state whether inclusive or exclusive of tuition supplement)

- $??

Hours/week (10 – 20):

- 20 hrs

Required availability beyond standard business hrs: (if yes, describe evening and/or weekend obligations)

- Occasionally - to support ODEI sponsored/co-sponsored events and engagements

Travel required: (if yes, describe nature and frequency):

- No

Required on-campus hrs: (if yes, describe whether all or some hrs must be completed on-campus

- No

Equipment to be assigned: (desktop/laptop computer, etc)

- Laptop computer and other equipment as warranted.

Assigned Office Space: (if any)

- No but may work in the ODEI Meeting Room when not in use.

Minimum required qualifications:

- Minimum qualifications for the position include:

  • An earned master’s degree
  • An academic record that includes introductory coursework in both quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Experience developing, implementing, and/or assessing programs or strategic initiatives
  • A commitment to equity and justice evidenced in current/past engagements

Preferred qualifications:

- The ideal applicant possesses:

  • knowledge of frameworks, theories, and concepts related to inclusive excellence
  • excellent written and verbal communications skills and is social media savvy
  • sound, independent judgement requisite for planning, prioritizing, and organizing a diverse set of responsibilities with attention to detail
  • dispositional qualities necessary to establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community members
  • experience working with/alongside/on behalf of college students


Competencies to be reviewed: (describe the core job functions that will be evaluated and the period for review)

Core competencies that will be evaluated may include but are not limited to:

  • Communication – e.g. effectiveness in serving as an ambassador for both the office and the college in person, online, and in print; demonstrate growth overtime in capacity to write for publication
  • Innovation – e.g. ability to translate new ideas and reimagine others for maximum stakeholder impact; positions office/college in unique ways that speak to a variety of stakeholders
  • Leadership – e.g. capacity to establish a vision, provide direction, accomplish goals, and effectively motivate and support others
  • Priority setting – e.g. capacity to discern levels of importance among varied assignments
  • Project management – e.g. ability to plan, organize, facilitate, and evaluate programming
  • Sound judgement –e.g. capacity to make key decisions regarding office programming as well as identify and perform necessary research tasks (e.g. literature reviews, data collection protocols)
  • Time management – e.g. capacity to consistently meet deadlines and organize time accordingly
  • Valuing diversity – e.g. demonstrate growth overtime in understanding/employing strategic diversity leadership capacities


Graduate Staff Assistant - provides administrative assistance;

Graduate Research Assistant - assists faculty or staff in conducting research;

Graduate Instructional Assistant - assists with instruction, but cannot be listed as the instructor of record and must have attended a series of workshops for Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Instructional Assistants sponsored by the Graduate School;

Graduate Teaching Assistant - functions as an instructor of record, must attend a series of workshops for Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Instructional Assistants and have completed 18 semester hours of graduate course work in the discipline to be taught. Additionally, in accordance with University Policy ACAF 1.20 Credential Verification for Instructors of Record, a graduate teaching assistant who does not hold a graduate degree in the teaching discipline must be periodically evaluated by his or her faculty supervisor or other faculty member in the discipline.

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