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College of Education

Physical Education, B.S.P.E.

What will I study?

The B.S.P.E. program in Physical Education will prepare you to work as a physical education teacher at any level within the K-12 school system.

In alignment with the current National Initial Physical Education Teacher Education Standards set by the Society of Health and Physical Educators, the goals of the program emphasize skills, knowledge, and dispositions every beginning physical education teacher needs in order to provide optimal learning for children in their journey of physical literacy.

Our faculty believe that physical education teachers have the responsibility to promote a rich and meaningful educational environment for all children and adolescents that will promote lifelong participation in, and enjoyment of, health enhancing physical activity.

You will have multiple opportunities to prepare lesson plans, teach in schools and collaborate with other members of your cohort to develop strategies for increasing the positive impact of physical education on all members of a school community.

For information on types of classes, see Typical Course Work below.


What kinds of work will I be able to do?

Graduates from the program typically find jobs as elementary or secondary school physical education teachers. A job as a physical education teacher may also include coaching a sports team. Some of our graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees in physical education. No matter what they choose to do, our graduates are well prepared to contribute to the holistic education of school-aged children, ensuring all students find personal meaning and enrichment in maintaining a physically active lifestyle.


Typical Coursework

Carolina Core Courses (46-58 semester hours)
You will receive a well-rounded education beyond physical education-specific coursework in your program of study. Carolina Core courses encompass a wide range of subjects, including communication, analytical reasoning and problem solving, scientific literacy, global citizenship and multicultural understanding, aesthetic and interpretive understanding, information literacy, and values, ethics, and social responsibility.

Core Requirements for Physical Education Teacher Certification (23 semester hours)
Teaching physical education requires a broad understanding of the many disciplines that underpin your daily work. Foundations courses will give you an appreciation for the history of the profession and the principles and philosophies that characterize the evolution of the field. You will also learn about the scientific basis of physical education teaching and learning.

Psychomotor Skills Courses (10 semester hours)
Skills courses are designed to teach you the subject matter of physical education; that is, what you will likely teach students when you become a physical education teacher. These courses span several categories of physical activities, such as Individual/dual activities, team activities, dance, and gymnastics.

Teacher Certification Courses (48 semester hours)
What does it take to effectively foster student learning in physical education? You’ll find many of the answers in the teacher certification courses, which provide the framework you’ll need to plan and teach physical education lessons, assess student learning, and promote physical activity in multiple settings. As you progress through each course, you gain invaluable experiences practicing your teaching and physical activity promotion skills in elementary and secondary schools, other youth-based organizations (e.g., YMCAs), and a variety of family and community contexts. Teacher certification courses culminate with the student teaching internship, which involves spending half of a semester teaching in an elementary school and the other half of the semester teaching in a secondary school. You will have the opportunity to apply everything you’ve learned throughout the program and to see firsthand what it is like to be a full time physical education teacher.

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