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Sense of Belonging


Transcript: This is the Williams Brice Stadium– my view, from the student section.

We were really close that day. My friend Colin and I decided to go early to get the best seats.

This shows how I've grown in my self-determination since be- being in college because I didn't go to many games before coming to college. Also, it was my decision to go early, and then we got to shake hands with the players.

Transcript: This is- this is a fountain outside of Thomas Cooper Library. I took this picture because there was a beautiful rainbow. It made me happy. I like to sit by the fountain because it brings me peace. I don't feel anger- I don't feel angry or frustrated. I like going here because I can do anything. And I don't really care what anybody else says. Because I'm my own person and they're their own person as well.

Transcript: This is a picture of my Carolina Card and my dorm key on a keychain. I wear them around my neck so I don't lose them or leave them behind in my room. I used to be scared or embarrassed when I locked myself... out of my room, which I have done a lot since being in college! But now I have figured out what to do when that happens, go to Pinckney Legare to borrow a key.

And this is an example of how I have had to advocate for myself in college.

Transcript: This is the screenshot of the USC Transloc app. The Trans app is used to track the campus shuttles. Last year I lived off-campus in Younion, and, and at first I had a lot of challenges with these shuttles. I didn’t know which one to get on to get to campus. I couldn't figure out what time they come. I overcome the challenges by asking for help from people around me.

I would ask people waiting on the shuttle “which shuttle is the best to take to get up to the Horseshoe?” or “which one could take me to the Nursing building, or the [inaudible], or the Russell House?”. People helped me and my Living and Learning Lab coach helped too. She showed me how to just look at one shuttle at one time the app so it was less confusing for me.

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