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College of Education

Committee Information

Advanced Programs Governance Committee

The Advanced Programs Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing policies that affect professional education programs in the Advanced Programs Component of the Professional Education Unit.

Basic Programs Curriculum Committee

The Basic Programs Curriculum Committee receives proposals for new programs and courses and changes to undergraduate or graduate basic academic programs.

Committee for Initial Teacher Education Programs

The Committee for Initial Teacher Education Programs advises support offices, the Deans’ Executive Council, and other organizations related to the University of South Carolina on policies and procedures relevant to all initial teacher certification programs.

Diversity Committee

Among other responsibilities, the Diversity Committee is tasked with  developing and monitoring  a strategic action plan for improving diversity within the College. 

Faculty Welfare Committee

The Faculty Welfare Committee is responsible for matters that affect the welfare of College of Education faculty members individually and collectively. 

Quality Assurance Committee (Qcom)

The Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for managing, monitoring, and reviewing assessment data for each program, office, and committee in the Professional Education Unit.

Steering Committee

Among other responsibilities, the Steering Committee advises the Dean and establishes guidelines for the selection of faculty officers.

Student Affairs Committee

Among other responsibilities, The Student Affairs Committee hears student-initiated appeals including academic appeals and faculty related complaints and grievances.