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College of Education

  • An African American teacher wearing a shirt that reads 'Stir the Soul' on the back stands in front of a classroom full of children.

Become a Teacher

When you decide to become a teacher, you are taking on the tremendous honor and responsibility of teaching young people of all ages, nationalities and levels of ability how to understand and interact with our rapidly-changing modern world.

Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Do you want to make a lasting impact on the lives of others each year? Do you want to join a field that is in-demand with lots of room for growth?

You can complete your undergraduate degree and be ready to become certified as an Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level or Physical Education teacher.

Even if you have already completed your bachelor's degree, it is never too late to consider a career in education. You can take the expertise you gained in your undergraduate degree and turn that into a master's degree in teaching your chosen subject.

Your coursework

There is a host of options available to you, and your course work varies accordingly. Through a variety of real-world experiences in local schools, you will build the skills necessary to become an effective educator, including how to manage a classroom and address issues of diversity and equality.

Your career

Whether you are just starting out or are changing careers to become a teacher, you will take the skills and experience you have gained from your time with us as well as your life, and use them to inform your practice instructing the next generation of learners.

Areas of Study

toddler playing

Early Childhood Education (birth-grade 3)

Do you enjoy being around very young children? Does the idea of helping them discover their sense of self excite you? Would you like to have a positive impact in children's lives for years to come?

child looking to the side

Elementary Education (Grades 2-6)

Nearly everyone has a story about an elementary school teacher; someone who left a mark on their life. How would you like to be the one the next generation tells stories about?

student and teacher working

Middle Level Education (Grades 5-8)

In middle school, your students are more perceptive than they were in grades K-4, and they will surprise you with what they understand!  

students in classroom

Secondary Education (Grades 9-12)

High school teachers are some of the most fondly remembered people in our lives. Are you ready to become one?

teacher and student painting

Fine Arts Education

Exposure to the arts can help children understand other subjects much more clearly, and gives them outlets for self-expression that they might not find without your guidance.

children exercising

Physical Education

Quality physical education is a gateway to the lifetime pursuit of individual excellence. Physical education provides a foundation to ensure today’s children grow up to become tomorrow’s role models for healthy and active lifestyles.

small child

Special Education

Whether you are changing careers or already a certified teacher, you can complete a Special Education degree. Our Special Education programs are designed for anyone who wants to help students with disabilities.

graduate shadow on concrete


Are you attending a South Carolina technical college and want to become a teacher? If so, Tech2Teach can help you achieve your goals.

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