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Applied Sport Psychology and Counseling, B.S.

The bachelor’s in Applied Sport Psychology and Counseling will provide you with foundational knowledge in principles of psychology and counseling skills that relate to sport and performance. You will learn how to help athletes and performers achieve balance between mind and body, allowing them to unleash their full potential.

What will I study?

The combination of courses in sport psychology and counseling is unique and powerful because it establishes a foundational understanding of concepts, theories and helping skills tailored for athletic performance.

Typical Coursework

In addition to the university's Carolina Core general education requirement and your chosen elective courses, you will take a wide variety of courses providing skills and knowledge to improve performance, mental health, emotional health and general well-being of performers. These courses include:

Supporting Courses in the Social Sciences 
You will take courses in psychology, sociology and social work, learning how to work with a diverse group of individuals and set them up for success. These courses focus on human development, neuroscience and theories for understanding human behavior. 

Physical Education and Coaching 
You will study human movement, anatomy, motor learning and coaching to build an advanced understanding of sport techniques and tactics for improvement. These courses build a foundational knowledge of athletic performance. 

Sport Psychology and Counseling 
You will dive into concepts and skills related to sport psychology and counseling. These major courses include introduction to sport psychology, psychology of physical activity, performance psychology, counseling athletes and coaching ethics. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the counseling profession, wellness and mental health, and effective interpersonal communication skills for counseling.

Accelerated path to an advanced degree

Students who complete the B.S. in Applied Sport Psychology and Counseling and meet certain academic requirements will be eligible for an accelerated pathway to earn a master’s degree (M.S.) with a concentration in Mental Performance Coaching. Students participating in this plan will be able to take up to 4 courses toward the M.S. in Coaching Education prior to graduating with the B.S. degree. Students will continue taking courses toward the master’s degree in summer and fall immediately following the B.S. degree. This accelerated pathway allows you to earn both your B.S. and M.S. degree in just 4 ½ years.

The courses and experiences in the M.S. align with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology’s Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) knowledge areas, preparing students for the CMPC exam.

The M.S. in Coaching Education is a fully online program. This gives you the flexibility to finish the accelerated master’s degree from anywhere after graduating with the B.S. in Applied Sport Psychology and Counseling. International students should be aware that the M.S. degree is fully online, and thus continuing into the online master’s degree may not be an option depending on your international visa status.

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