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Sport Psychology and Coaching

Performing to your full potential is crucial for any athlete or performer's success. You can learn how to unlock these abilities and improve consistency for athletes and skilled performers across a variety of fields. 

Are you passionate about boosting athletic achievement or developing techniques to improve mental skills? 
Our undergraduate degree in Applied Sport Psychology and Counseling will prepare you to help athletes and performers achieve balance between mind and body. You may further your education with our M.S. in Coaching where you will choose between tracks in mental performance coaching and athletic coaching. 

Your coursework

Students in the Applied Sport Psychology and Counseling major study all aspects of physical and mental health while learning the necessary interpersonal skills to be successful counselors. 

Students in our 100% online master's of Coaching Education who choose the athletic coaching concentration learn how to improve athleticism across ages and skillsets. Students who choose the mental peformance coaching concentration take coursework that will prepare them for the Certified Mental Perforamance Coaching certification. 

Your career

Mental performance coaches work primarily with youth through elite sport settings, non-sport settings (i.e., with dancers or musicians) and other occupations. Students who study applied sport psychology and counseling will use their evidence-based preparation to optimize performance for athletes, artists and other mentally-strenuous work enviornments. 

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