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College of Education


Join a research leader. The award-winning research of our students and faculty members is fundamental to advancing the understanding of learning and the knowledge base of our field.

Collaborating to explore, evaluate and offer solutions  

Researchers are problem solvers. And through partnering with educators, our researchers improve schools and communities by applying research findings to cognitive, physical and emotional development challenges in the learning environment.

In addition to our faculty, approximately 400 graduate students and many of our undergraduate students are engaged in research endeavors.

In fact, the Carnegie Foundation has designated the University of South Carolina as a university of "very high research activity." Our students and faculty members work together to discover new ways to improve student achievement in school, integrate new technologies into learning, keep student-athletes safe, provide optimal learning environments for preschoolers, address school bullying, increase literacy, optimize the academic value of summer programs, enhance the utilization of school resources and address many other pressing issues in education.

Funding facts

  • External organizations provided more than $8-million in grant funding.
  • More than 76 percent of the total came from federal funding.
  • Approximately 42 percent of new funding was for service projects, 29 percent for training projects and 19 percent for research projects.
  • Three-fourths of College of Education faculty are actively involved in publishing.
  • On average, faculty are publishing at a rate of almost 6 publications per year.

These research centers within the college employ researchers who address specific needs in education.

Center for the Education and Equity of African American Students

The Center for Education and Equity of African American Students conducts individual and collaborative cutting-edge research that enables and advances innovative and effective instructional programs, professional practices, and public policy.

Museum of Education

An experimental research project of the College of Education, the Museum of Education seeks to preserve, transmit, rectify, and expand our understanding of educational life in South Carolina and the United States. A member of the International Sites of Conscience, the Museum of Education opened its doors to the public on September 30, 1977.

Office of International and Comparative Education

The Office of International and Comparative Education promotes research, study, and practical engagement, (including study abroad experiences) with education systems and practices around the world.

Research, Evaluation and Measurement Center

The Research, Evaluation and Measurement Center (formerly the Office of Program Evaluation) provides education-related evaluation, assessment and research services to public and private agencies, including educational institutions, government agencies and museums.

South Carolina Educational Policy Center

Focused on education policy issues, the South Carolina Educational Policy Center contracts with various agencies to conduct studies related to school improvement, school administration, student assessment, school finance, class size, personnel practices, teacher leadership, teacher recruitment, teacher certification, remedial and compensatory education and student learning.

Yvonne and Schuyler Moore Child Development Research Center

A multidisciplinary group of faculty members and research personnel, this center works to inform early childhood educators on the nature and support necessary for children's growth and development. One focus includes research on how to effectively support children and families through the work of early childhood practitioners and policymakers, while another focus addresses the needs of children at risk for school failure.